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Art Hawkins Great Canadian Game 2013


How will it work?

The game will start in the Yukon and each location will play for a 1-hour slot.  At the end of their hour they will pass the score onto the next city and the game will continue until it completes each stop from coast to coast.

The AUM needs to recruit players to come and play for your 1-hour timeslot.  There is a red team and a white team.


Again this year, Ultimate Canada like to suggest the following for donations.

-$10 Minimum suggested donation

-$25 To play and get a disc

-$30 To play, get a disc and $20 tax receipt

-Cash donations of $20+ get a tax receipt


What can you win?

Montreal can raise more funds to help promote and build Ultimate across the country.  This year, for the association that raises the most funds, Ultimate Canada will provide each player that participated in the AHGCUG from your location an Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game Jersey and free Ultimate Canada Disc and the Association will get a free registration to the 2013 Ultimate Canada Conference held in Calgary Alberta!!!

And for the individual who raises or donates the most funds, an official Team Canada Jersey!


Who have we partnered with?

Money raised will go towards the Art Hawkins Ultimate Fund.  The purpose of the fund is to support the accessibility and development of Ultimate and Spirit of the Game in Canada with children, youth and those with a disability, especially in economically disadvantaged communities.

As such, we have partnered with Christie Lake Kids as one of the special projects that will benefit from the funds raised from the event.  Christie Lake Kids provides recreational programs as well skill-building programs to disadvantaged youth.  Ultimate Canada has partnered with Christie Lake Kids to provide an Ultimate program to the youth they serve, getting more kids active and playing Ultimate!  To find out more about Christie Lake Kids, please visit their website http://christielakekids.com

To register and participate to the longest game of ultimate, please contact Mikaël m.lacombe@montrealultimate.ca.




Art Hawkins Great Canadian Game

On June 16th, during the Comedy of Errors tournament, the Art Hawkins Great Canadian Game stopped in Montreal. This nation event is in fact the longest game of ultimate ever played! The match started in Yellowknife (NT) and ended 28 hours later, in Victoria (BC).

This event was also a fundraiser for two important organizations: Ultimate Peace and Boys & Girls Club of Canada. During the day, the white team and the red team, exchanged scores. Would we once again have the chance to break the 100 point barrier when the game stopped in Montreal? The answer is yes! The game started in Montreal at 9 am with a score of 93-83 in favour of team red. Team white, starting from 10 points behind, reduced the score difference to 4 points, with a final score of 103-99 in favour of team red. The game then moved on to Ottawa on its way across Canada.

The marathon game of ultimate ended in Victoria. The red team, which was in the lead most of the day, finally gave up the lead to team white, with a final score of 288-285! This win allowed team white to donate 60% of the funds raised to the Boys & Girls Club of Canada. The remaining 40% was donated to Ultimate Peace.

Thank you to all the players and we look forward to seeing you again next year!




Sport Canada


Ultimate Canada is proud to announce that the organization has attained full eligibility status under Sport Canada’s Sport Funding and Accountability Framework (SFAF) IV.

“Attaining Sport Canada eligibility is an important milestone for Canadian Ultimate,” says Danny Saunders, executive director of Ultimate Canada. “This achievement is the culmination of years of hard work by the Canadian Ultimate community. It was truly a national effort with organizers from coast-to-coast developing Provincial Sport Organizations, programs and policy necessary to meet eligibility requirements.”

Meeting Sport Canada’s SFAF eligibility requirements does not guarantee funding, but is an important step towards accessing Sport Canada programs and increasing the sport’s recognition in Canada. The next step in the Sport Canada SFAF process is an assessment of Ultimate Canada’s programs and demographics to provide a reference level for funding.

More information on Sport Canada SFAF: http://www.pch.gc.ca/pgm/sc/pgm/cfrs/index-eng.cfm



World Under 23 Ultimate Championships 2013


The Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC) is pleased to announce that it will host the World Flying Disc Federation's Under-23 Ultimate Championships in 2013. This prestigious Ultimate Frisbee event will be held at York University from July 22 - 28, 2013.


WU23 2013 will welcome 40+ teams from over 20 nations in 3 divisions of competition: Open, Women's, and Mixed. At the first ever WU23 championships in 2010, Team Canada took home Gold in the Men's Division and 4th place in the Women's Division. WU23 will be hosted every 3-4 years and serves to compliment the World Junior Ultimate Championships (Dublin, Ireland 2012), World Ultimate Championships (Sakai, Japan 2012), World Ultimate Club Championships (2014), and World Beach Ultimate Championships (2015).


Canada’s U23 National teams will be comprised of elite players from across the nation. “Ultimate Canada is thrilled to have the World Under-23 Championships in our backyard and we look forward to the challenge of competing against the world’s best teams,” said Danny Saunders, Executive Director of Ultimate Canada. “We anticipate that the TUC will deliver a premier sporting event that all participants will enjoy and that will be very exciting for spectators and supporters alike.”


For more info, please visit www.wfdf2013-u23.com and find them on Facebook: “World Under-23 Ultimate Championships” and Twitter: @u23wfdf 



2011 Bring your disc to work day




With more than 40,000 players in Canada, Ultimate, sometimes referred to as Ultimate Frisbee, is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. In order to promote the sport, Ultimate players from across the country will bring their disc to work on September 15, 2011 for the second annual Bring Your Disc to Work Day.


“As Ultimate becomes more popular, it is hard to know everyone in your community who plays the sport. Bring Your Disc to Work Day is a great way to meet the person in the cubicle down the hall who also plays Ultimate, but on a different night of the week and to promote the sport with the general public,” said Danny Saunders, Executive Director, Ultimate Canada.


As part of Bring Your Disc to Work Day, Ultimate Canada is hosting a photo contest, looking for the best photo of a disc in the workplace. The winner will receive a prize pack that includes a disc with the winning photo. Prizes are being provided by DareDevil Discs and Discraft. Send your submission to discatwork@canadianultimate.com. It is necessary to obtain permission of anyone appearing in the photo.


Join our Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192590887470581 and bring your disc to work on September 15. More information is available on the event webpage at: https://www.canadianultimate.com/index.php/en/about-uc/1/51.


Bring Your Disc to Work Day is organized by Ultimate Canada, the governing body for the sport of ultimate in Canada. The organization promotes the growth and development of ultimate throughout Canada. Visit our website at www.CanadianUltimate.com.



Art Hawkins Great Canadian Game

The longest ultimate game in the world was played last Saturday, June 18th! This game, which saw the Red team face off with the White team, started very early in the morning in Yellowknife, and finished 24 hours later in Victoria, with a final score of 271-269 for the Red team. Each hour, the game moved from city to city, thanks to technology! Scores were sent on by text message to the next city, who then played for an hour, adding to the score of reached in the previous city.


This Art Hawkins Great Canadian Game made a stop in Montreal from 10-11 am, to the delight of the 24 participants who offered up the only hour of Canadian women's ultimate! The White team started the game with a 16 point deficit, and the final score of 118 to 101 for the Red Team left Montreal to continue its cross-country trek.


While this activity was first and foremost designed to introduce and promote the sport of ultimate, it was also a fundraiser for two important charity organisations; the Boys and Girls Club, represented by the victorious Red team will receive 60% of the donations collected during the day, and Ultimate Peace, represented by the white team will receive the remaining 40% of donations. More than 400 players faced off during the course of the day, and almost $5000 were collected!


It's not too late to participate in this event: The AUM still has more than 30 official discs to sell at $15 each, and the profits will go towards the supported charities. 





Ultimate Canada Awards 2010


It is with great pride that the AUM congratulates two of its major contributors who were recognized by Ultimate Canada in 2010.


Lorne Beckman received the award for Coach of the Year as a result of an exceptional season, as he coached Storm to the top rank as Canadian Champions in 2010. He was an inspiration for many Montreal players and his contribution to the history of the AUM earned him an induction into the Hall of Fame in 2009. Congratulations Lorne!


Our late Mila Oh was awarded the coveted Spirit of the Year award by Ultimate Canada. This prize is proof of a career and a life that exemplified everything that is most beautiful about our sport. Mila represented the epitome of spirit: after her induction into the AUM Hall of Fame in 2010, the annual Spirit Award for the summer league was named in her honour.


We would also like to give special mention to Guylaine Girard for all the work she has done to create Kerozen, the junior team. For the first time in many years, Montreal was back on the national scene in the junior division thanks to the hard work of Guylaine and her team!


You can read more about these nominations in the most recent edition of Ultimate Canada Magazine.



Observer clinics


Are you an experienced player looking for a new challenge? Ultimate Canada is offering three training sessions for observers this summer. If you are interested in bringing your knowledge of the game of ultimate to a new level, this training is for you!


You can find all of the details on the Ultimate Canada website, or contact Christiane (c.marceau@montrealultimate.ca) for more information!



World Beach Tournament


Ultimate Canada is happy to officially announce that we will be sending teams to the 2011 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU) (http://www.wcbu2011.com/) taking place at the Getur sport facility close to Venice, Italy, on August 22-28, 2011.


Ultimate Canada will be sending teams in the open, women’s, mixed and masters divisions. Also, there is a possibility of a mixed masters and grandmasters teams only if there is significant interest. On this matter, the AUM strongly encourages there members to join this competition.


For all information regarding the cost related to this competition, the selection method and the application process, go to the Ultimate Canada website at this page : https://www.canadianultimate.com/index.php/fr/equipes/6-senior-teams/97-...





The 6th edition of Ultimate Canada Magazine is now online! 


You can read it here.




The first ever Take Your Disc to Work Day, organized by Ultimate Canada took place on Thursday, September 16, 2010.


The goal of this day was simple: to motivate individuals to proudly identify themselves as Ultimate players, and to introduce their work colleagues to our wonderful sport. All that was required was that you bring a disc to work, and display it proudly during your daily activities, whether that be over the lunch hour or the coffee machine!


A photography contest was held in parallel with Take Your Disc to Work day. If you took a photo, we would love it if you could share it with us! (info@montrealultimate.ca





Last Saturday, July 17th, Montreal played host to the Great Canada Game. After visiting 23 cities all over Canada, starting in Yellowknife, the game finished with a victory for the White Team, 253-251!


It was in Montreal, between 10 am and noon, that both teams surpassed the 100 point mark. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this game.


The first hour saw HARD (Montreal) in White taking on Big Fish (Ottawa) in Red. The hour began with the Red Team leading 90-85, but finished with a much tighter score of 96-94 for the Reds. 


During the second hour, Wannabago (Montreal) in Red, confronted many players from Montreal (Organik and friends) in White. The 2 teams surpassed the 100 point mark, revealing the weakness of our scoreboards: they don't have 3 digits! The final score was 104-103 for the Red team.


This score was then passed on to Ottawa, where the game continued its march westward!


We would like to make a special note that the goal of this game was not just to make Ultimate a countrywide event, but it was also a fundraiser. The big winners, the White Team, were representing the Boys & Girls club. As the winners, Boys & Girls club will receive 60% of the funds raised during the event. The Red Team, representing Right to Play!, may have lost the game, but everyone is a winner as the remaining 40% of the funds raised will be donated to Right to Play!. If you haven't had the chance to do your part, it's not to late to make a donation by sending us an email with the amount you want to give.


Thank you everyone! (More details can be found here)