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Parity league

The salary results for Week 9 are now available for all players in Open A for the 2nd session!

Please note that the sheet  used to take statistics in parity league is always available online for all AUM members who would like to use it to evaluate their own performance!

Salary summary

Follow the evolution of your salary every week!




- WEEK 4 (round 2)

- WEEK 5






What is the parity league?

It is a league where, after each round, the teams are balanced in order to get very close games each week. Each player will have a fake salary attributed that will vary according to his performances. Each team will then have to submit to a salary cap which will force the captains to make trades in between rouns.

To do so, the players will have to track their own statistics (based on their honesty) on a document that will be given each week at the start of their game.

The statistics tracked are:

-Points caught

-Points thrown

-Defensive plays (interceptions and blocked passes)

-Turns thrown


-Stalls (down on 10)

A volunteer will then have the role to compile the stats on the computer and then send all the information regarding the salaries to the players and the team captain's. The team captain's will then have to make trades in order to respect the salary cap enforced.

How will the salaries be calculated?

All the players will start with a salary of $100 000 (regardless of when they are selected after the try-outs).

Then, the salaries will vary according to the players performances and it will cary over to the next round:

+$5000 for the good stats (points caught, points thrown and defensive plays)

-$2000 for the bad stats (turns, drops and stalls)

We will then post the salaries on the website to let everyone know where they stand.


How will the salary cap be determined?

We will take the average salary mass of each all the teams together. Then, the teams will need to trade in order to respect the salary cap.

A buffer of $25 000 per team will be tolerated since it won't be possible to balance it perfectly.

How will the trades happen?

The team captain's will have to discuss in between themselves at the end of each round to exchange players.

Then, the traded players will be moved in the schedule system to another team and the team captains will have the responsibility to contact their new acquisition.

In order to avoid the possibility of a player missing a game following a trade, all the games in Open A will be played simultaneously each week so everyone will show up at the same time.


Is there a pre-requisite to participate?

You need to be selected in Open A after the try-outs.

Also, the players will be required to show-up to everygame to avoid problems with the stats. For instance, a very good player frequently absent would distort the statistics.


Volunteer needed: (Volunteer found!)

The AUM is looking for a volunteer to track the statistics!

He will have the responsibility to give a new stats sheet and a clipboard to the teams each week and then gather them back at the end of the games.

He will then have to compile the stats on a pre-formatted excel sheet in order to determine overyone's salary. He will then be able to post the results online.

In echance for his work, the volunteer will either get 10 hours of volunteering for his competitive team or see his 2nd session Loyola 5 vs 5 league refund (Open A, Open B, Women A or Women B).


Feuille statistiques parity league PDF.pdf285.05 Ko
Feuille parity league.xlsx - Sommaire des salaires (2).pdf58.58 Ko
Feuille parity league 3.pdf59.11 Ko
Feuille parity league ronde 2.xlsx - Sommaire des salaires (4).pdf58.41 Ko
Sommaire des salaires (semaine 5) Ronde 2.pdf57.96 Ko
Feuille parity league ronde 2.xlsx - Sommaire des salaires (6).pdf58.22 Ko
Feuille parity league ronde 3.xlsx - Sommaire des salaires(3).pdf61.86 Ko
Feuille parity league ronde 3.xlsx - Sommaire des salaires (5avril).pdf63.16 Ko
Feuille parity league ronde 3.xlsx - Sommaire des salaires (4real).pdf62.98 Ko