17 octobre, 2017 - 20:33
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Francis Vallée

Francis Vallée was hired as a junior animator for the AUM this summer. He will be with the team for three months to help us in the junior development by giving workshops in day camps, schools, recreational organizations and to support our junior civil initiatives. Learn more about him by reading this short interview!


Work at AUM


• You give workshops and initiations since a long time, for having done it so Ultimate Quebec as well. What are the three things you prefer in this "work" ? 

What I particularly appreciate is the opportunity to form the future of Quebec ultimate athletes, to see rapid progress because they start young, they are very malleable and quickly correct bad habits. And ultimately promote the sport that fascinates me is a job more than rewarding!


Do you have personal goals for your job with kids this summer?

Yes, I have the goal to convert the most athletes to ultimate! And to show a new sport to the kids who haven’t found yet their sport. I am fortunate to have a real and direct impact on their first contact with this beautiful sport and I count use it!


• What is the activity or game that you prefer to do with groups and why? 

I like the “Air battle”. Briefly , is to form two opposing teams where participants have to make a mini race that will test their physical and athletic abilities that ends with an aerial battle. The first to catch the disc wins. What I like of this exercise is its simplicity and the technical contribution it provides. They practice the high jumps, speed, the lecture of the disc in the air and the positioning versus his opponent.


• What do you bring to the current team of the AUM?

I believe very humbly to bring to this great team a youth wind (although no one is old ;)) and sometimes a different view on the junior development. I must say that also that I learn a lot and that I shall keep all these tips and tricks in my personal luggage.


And in time, how do you like your job ? 

I really love my job very much and I consider myself very lucky to be part of this great team that form the AUM.





Expérience as a Royal of Montreal player 


• As a player, what are your strengths? And what would be your weaknesses? 

My strengths are mainly my speed of execution on offense. I like to use my legs and circulate the disc from left to right side of the field until a gap opens and then attack it. I have a good arsenal of throws, good vision of the game and I think I have a good active mark on the disc carrier. I also have several weaknesses, but those that come to my mind are my defensive cover in the "open side", I would like to make more steals. And one that everyone knows ... I don’t have a " backhand ! "


• You are a native of Sainte- Brigitte De Laval close to Quebec and you came to Montreal for the summer season to the Royal. What is the recap of your season with the Royal of Montreal? 

Although the series have eluded us this season, I 'm still happy with the 2016 season. We have been able to deliver the goods several times during the season and give a good show for our fans. There is not a lot missing for the Royal to become a leader in the association of eastern Audl . In the same vein, we must say that the Royal goals are more long term and that everything is a development issue. Personally, I would have like to see more young players on rosters and have more responsibility because the objectives are clear and project all aware of the coming years.


You played for the Royal in his first season in 2014 and this year, in 2016, what are the main changes since the beginning of the club in your opinion? 

ALL! Although 2014 was unforgettable, these two seasons are not even comparable, coaches and owners are much more experienced and their work is just amazing! I lift my hat and thank them all for this incredible experience..


• How do you like becoming a model for young people, as a professional player, and as a coach and a representative of your sport?

It's very rewarding and I am very honored ! When I started at the age of 12-13 years in ultimate I never thought my autographed photo may be found on the walls of young fans or to have a custom player card that would be sold out!


• And you, who come from the country, what are the things you have discovered and you love from Montreal, and what are the things you dislike from the big city? 

Being a big fishing fan, I discovered that Montreal fishing is very good! My girlfriend and I found dozens of places where you can fish! I've also discovered what is real traffic... And real bad drivers at the wheel! What I miss the most are of course my family and my friends from Quebec that I am used to spend most of my free time.


Aside from the fact that you're a Dwayne Johnson fan and that you are against the concept of day camp cute names, what the Montreal Ultimate community should know about you? 

I have a Chihuahua of 15 years old who is no longer able to enter is tongue in his mouth, I know all the Francis Cabrel songs by heart, I dream of becoming a Californian surfer (I already have the haircut) and I love Mexican food.