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Captain's day


Sunday May 7th 2017 between 8:30 AM & 10:30 pm followed by the AGM from 10:30 to 12:30 pm

At Claude-Robillard sport complex in Room V.I.P. room (3rd floor)


It will be a very useful day filled with important informations to start the summer season on a good note! Lots of different things are included in the captain's day:
-Rules meeting (Mandatory for the Spirit Captain)
-Captain's meeting (Mandatory for team captain's)

A breakfast buffet will be available.

Annual General Meeting:

The AGM will start at 10:30 AM to end at 12:30 PM. 

The planning includes: A presentation of the activities made by the AUM during 2017, the finances of the AUM, the formation of the 2017 Boards of Directors (election if required) and a question period.

Candidate form to become a director on the AUM board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


1) What will happend if I do not attend the Captain's day?

Answer: Your team will automatically receive a Red Disc according to the AUM Disciplinary Policy. Also, you will not receive your free gear and explanations that are essential to your season.


2) I have been a team captain for a long time. Would it be possible to get an exemption from those obligations?

Answer: In the case where you would be a summer team captain for a minimum of 5 consecutive years, we could excuse you from those obligations if you have a clean team file/history (spirit and disciplinary). To make a request, you must first pass this online test (which will be sent with the team confirmations) to make sure you know everything that is required of a good team captain and spirit captain. According to your results and history, we will evaluate each case and get back to you as soon as possible.

3) If only one player (Captain or Rules keeper)) is available to attend the captain's day and I didn't get an exemption (see #2), is it possible to fulfill all the requirements?

Answer: No. You need to have 2 players fulfilling each role as both meetings are simultaneous.

*1 exception. We could accord an exemption if you have a recognized observer in your roster which would oblige you only to attend the captain's meeting.

4) If I can't come at the last minute, that I am in vacation or if I feel that is it not useful that I attend the captain's day, what can I do?

Answer: The captain's day is an essential part of the preparation for the summer season. The objectives of this day is to ensure all teams have the knowledge it takes to have a great season. Captain's will learn about the different procedures that are important for a smooth season. Spirit captains will learn about rules and proper Spirit of the Game conduct.

5) Is a player allowed to represent more than one team at once?

Answer:  If this player is part of both rosters, Yes but only if your roster is complete/filled on the website by the deadline.

6) Why is the captain's day mandatory?

1) During the summer, in 7 vs 7, we frequently use green spaces to play instead of a specific sports fields with clear boundaries. Therefore, it is very important to explain how to set up the fields (procedures/rules/etc.) to each team captain.

2) In 7 vs 7, we generally play in natural grass fields which needs special treatments/care. We need to make sure everyone is aware of it so the season can go as planned.

3) We have some material to provide to each team (cones for the new teams, and a free disc).

***The disc will only be given at the Captain's day as a gift to thank the captains for being present.***

4) The rules of Ultimate are unknown to a lot of players (even the most experienced players) so the captain's day is an opportunity for us (and the rules committee) to teach and answers questions on the rules to your Rules Keeper.

5) It is also a very good oppurtunity to meet the AUM staff, our Board of Directors, our Rules committee, and the other team captains.