26 September, 2017 - 04:00
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Weather guidelines

Inclement weather is a problem that will affect most teams at least once over the course of the summer. In order to minimize confusion and uncertainty, the AUM will implement the following policies and procedures:

  1. Every player should assume that they are expected to show up at their assigned field on time, regardless of weather conditions.
  2. If both teams agree, captains may cancel a game at any time for any reason. However, we strongly discourage captains from cancelling games in advance due to the weather. As much as possible the decision to cancel a game due to weather or field conditions should be taken at game time, at the field.
  3. The AUM will almost NEVER make the decision to cancel games in advance due to weather. However, we do frequently move games based on field conditions. If the AUM decides to move (or very rarely, cancel) a game, all affected captains will receive an e-mail and the change will be posted to the AUM website no later than 16:00 on the day of the game.
  4. Once you're at the field and game time has arrived, you MUST cancel the game if you have heard thunder in the last 30 minutes (if it has been 15 minutes, you may choose to wait 15 minutes and start your game late). On a natural grass field, you MUST cancel the game if there are puddles of water on the field or if your cleats are pulling up big chunks of grass. The long term health of our fields should be the priority.
  5. Any time two teams agree to cancel a game, for any reason, the captains must inform their division coordinator ASAP. Otherwise, if no score has been entered for a game within 48 hours of its scheduled start, both teams can be assessed a 1/2 forfeit for not entering their scores on time.
  6. If more than 50% of the games scheduled for a particular night were not completed due to the weather, the AUM may consider rescheduling that entire night. In the unlikely case that this occurs, captains will receive an e-mail and the AUM website will be updated with this information within 72 hours of the scheduled start of the cancelled games.
  7. All rescheduled games MUST be completed, and scores submitted, within 48 hours of the end of the current round. Team captains may agree that there is no way to reschedule a cancelled game before the end of a round. In that case, captains will inform their division coordinator, who will remove that game from the schedule entirely. (NOTE: do NOT enter 0-0 or any other tie score for the game). Neither team will receive any points for that game in the final standings for that round, but this may affect which teams are promoted or demoted for the following round.
  8. When rescheduling a game, captains should first decide select the day and time they wish to play the game. Once this decision is made, they should contact their division coordinator, who will assign them a field and update the online schedule. When informing the coordinator of the new date and time, you may request a specific field , but our natural grass fields need days off in order to remain in good shape, so please respect the AUM's decision if we decide we cannot let you play on your preferred field.