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Each time you give time to the AUM (for a tournament, a clinic, as a junior coach, etc), you have to fill in this volunteering form.  Thanks!


Check out the following presentation to see the differents openings available!






There are many ways to volunteer with the AUM. It goes without saying that the activities of the Association would never function without the extraordinary involvement of our volunteers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


For more information about the volunteer opportunities with the AUM, you are invited to browse through this page.  Come and meet with us to discuss the wonderful world of involvement in the AUM! Motivated, passionate and engaged volunteers will greet you and will help you along the way with any volunteer task YOU choose to undertake.


Please put your name and email on our volunteer list: http://tinyurl.com/benevolat


AREAS of involvement, PROJECTS and CONTACT



  • Board of Directors
  • Executive committee
  • Summer league
  • Spring league
  • Fall league
  • Indoor leagues (5x5 – 4x4 – beach)
  • Spirit committee
  • Disciplinary committee
  • Strategic planning committee (CPS)



  • Communication planning
  • Partner/sponsorship planning
  • Press releases/Media relations/Press list
  • AUM publications including AFFAIReS / Le Discours
  • Social media
  • Competitive media (promotion of elite teams, visibility on the website, blog, photos, results, etc)
  • AUM Foundation
  • Videography (informational videos - technical, physical, strategy, mental)
  • Promoting ultimate at the corporate level
  • Online magazine (ex: UC magazine)



  • Awareness of the AUM's partnership with MUCC
  • Administration of the financial support policy for MUCC teams
  • Volunteer involvement of MUCC members
  • Meeting and merging of competitive teams under the MUCC banner
  • MUCC exhibition games (league tournaments, Alouettes and/or Impact games)
  • Establishment of a more structured development program for competitive teams (ex: A, B and C teams)
  • Running of a training program for competitive teams (drills etc)
  • Training or resources for coaches/team leadership to assist competitive teams in improving their programs
  • Specific sponsorship plan for competitive teams
  • Real-time results on Twitter
  • Ensuring that AUM members/executives attend the USA ultimate conferences and subsequent organisation of seminars to share this knowledge

Player development


  • Committee for the Analysis of the Practice of Sport (CAPS)
  • Organization of Rules and Spirit sessions - Player clinics (offering clinics at several points during the year)
  • Mentor program
  • Design of clinics on specific themes (training, offensive strategy, defensive strategy, etc)
  • Playbook
  • Ultimate 101
  • Ultimate fitness
  • Pick up
  • Scientific analysis of the flight of a disc (effect of wind, angle, rotation, etc)



  • Coaches for school leagues
  • Coaches for public leagues 
  • Training of coaches and teachers
  • Promotion aimed at youth players (school, day camps)
  • Development of a junior league (not just one team!)
  • Design of a summer camp for youth
  • Maintainance of a database of coaches for junior players
  • Development in primary and secondary schools/Development at CEGEP and University levels
  • Partnerships with competitive teams (practices, tournaments, training)/Involving junior players in competitive teams for certain tournaments (Jazz, CoE)

Sporadic opportunities


  • Jazz tournament
  • Comedy of Errors tournament
  • Movember tournament
  • Snow tournament
  • Beach tournament
  • Leagues tournament (Kick off, End of Season, etc)
  • Nuit blanche
  • Various demonstrations

Research and analysis


  • Survey and analysis of member satisfaction
  • Geomapping
  • Retention of members
  • Socio-demographic profiling of our members 
  • Recommendations for permanent changes
  • Comparative study of AUM and other ultimate organisations worldwide
  • Étude comparative AUM versus autres organisations dans le monde
  • Design of models or templates for member surveys 



  • Parties, 5à7, social events
  • Gala
  • Organise parties at the league leves (Fall, summer, spring league parties)
  • After-game events
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Maintenance of the list of volunteers and tracking their involvement (hours)
  • Responsible for the volunteer corner on the website
  • Continue the activities designed to acknowledge our volunteers
  • Contibue organising the tournaments and BBQs



  • Website - appearance 
  • Improvements to the ULM 
  • Users guide for the ULM
  • Moderate the forum
  • Promote the development of a score reporter app for iPhone and smarthone users (allowing real-time score reporting, less delay, and convenience)
  • Blog/interactive chat in real time for questions that come up during games (ex: rules)
  • Development of an ultimate-based video game



  • Scouting of new fields
  • Maintenance of fields
  • Development of fields
  • Arranging the purchase or long-term rental of fields 
  • Scouting for a central field location other than the Douglas