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Odyssée is the elite co-ed team from Montreal. For the past three years, it worked its way with the best teams in the world and won 2012 Canadian Ultimate Championships. Odyssée shone in some of the highest level’s tournaments and is aiming for a spot to participate at the 2014 Worlds Ultimate Championships in Italia. To be followed...






CUC 2013

Frisbee Fest in Trois-Rivières

Second edition of Prima Vera tournament on April 27th


BOSTON REGIONALS, October 6 - 7th

First edition of the Prima Vera tournament

Odyssée 2012 - Tryouts and information


Tournoi HAT HOHOHO! (French version only)

Boston Mixed Easterns (French version only)

Présentation de l’équipe 2011(French version only)

Invitation aux essais libres (French version only)

CUC in Vancouver


From the 15 to the 18th of August was Canadian Ultimate Championship (CUC 2013). Odyssee had a simple objective: finish in the top 3 and qualify for World Club 2014 in Italy. Julie (Blais) is expecting and, unfortunately, both Nico and Fred were injured so all three could not play, but they did come along to support the team and have some fun.

With the results from the US open (we won), Odyssee was the No. 1 seeds. However, due to the strength of the mixed division, a total of 6 teams had a viable bid for the top three positions – it was never going to be a walk in the park.

The objective for the first two days were to hold our pre-classification and to ensure that we would get an easier quarter final (7 or 8th seeds). The first day (Thursday), we found ourselves against seeds 8, 9 and 16. Both Glide (15-5) and Animals (15-2) did not give us any real opposition, which was reflected in the score lines. Although, our 3rd game, after a brief pause, made us work harder; it was against Rogue Hippo, Edmonton. They use a very atypical style and try to isolate players on a 1-to-1s and thus removing the possibility of poaches. They were also energetic and we were not expecting this so early in the tournament and caught us a little unaware, so we ended up finishing the half 8-7. The second half we adapted and the game ended 15-8; definitely a game of two halves you could say.


Common room for the team meating... and other shenanigans (chek our youtube).


Friday kicked off with a team from Victoria: Skysharks. The year before, we beat them 15-5, but we remember that they had given us a good intense game, even if the score did not reflect it. Additionally, earlier on the season they had beaten U23 Team Canada (Kevin Groulx being a notable member). So we knew they had improved and they secretly had an eye on one of the top three positions. They were a big team (physically) and they tended to play to that strength, but we did not let ourselves get intimidated and came out strong. From their side, they made many unforced errors and we took the game, relatively, easily at 15-9.

The second match we were against Wreckhouse from St. John's, Newfoundland. Wreckhouse had an interesting interloper on their team for this tournament. He was on the final stretch of his cycling tour across Canada, where he played Ultimate on his way to CUC 2013, including a petit rendez-vous with Ulysses in the MUCC league last spring. The game was not overly challenging and ended 15-4 with a notable mention of a sick “greatest” by Gustavo.


Gustavo, against Wreckhouse...he did a greatest in this match


Then followed our biggest challenge of the tournament so far against Union from Toronto, Ontario. We knew that they had made many changes to their team since our victory over them in last years final. Many girls from Capitals were now on the team and also many new faces for the guys too. They started the match with motivation and took an easy O-point and made two consecutive breaks. To see their intensity after these points really showed to us that they really wanted it and this match was of paramount importance. After a time out, our offense found it feathers and marked points with regularity. However, the Union offense line, consisting of four ladies, was also systematically winning points with barely a error to be seen. On the rare occasions where we forced a turnover we were not able to convert. Finally, our offense line ran out of steam and we were broken a few more times. The game ended in a 15-9 defeat, with full respect to Union, they were tactically prepared pour this match and their offense and defense lines both played great and resulted in very few errors.

We now found ourselves second in our pool and with the surprise victory of Gecko over Stache, we then found ourselves in a Odyssee-Stache quarter final; pre-classments of 1st and 2nd, respectively. Stache are a team from Vancouver, piloted by Andy Collins, a teammate of Caro on Team Canada for the World Games. Many players from this team are former Furious George and Traffic, which included Canadian supestars Andrew Lugsdin and Mike Grant. We were very much decided to start this game with intensity. We mustered all the support we could and had players stretched down both sidelines. Our game started exactly as planned, with great intensity our defense lines were getting the breaks and our offense line was mading points without major pressure. We lead the first half 8-4. The second half was a different matter, from the first point miscommunications and unforced errors creep into our game. Thereafter, everything collapsed and Stache took full advantage and scored relentlessly. Nearing towards the end of the game Kevin did a huge grab to bring the game to Universe point. Stache, however , was undeterred and scored the final point without a break. This ended the game and our dream of Italy.

Stache went on to win their semi-final easily to set up an encounter against Union in the final. Union won the finally being undefeated in the tournament and worthy champions. For out part, we won our last two other matches against Rogue Hippo and Skysharks to assure a 5th place finish.

Who would know that this would pass and whether the results would have been different if the UPA format was used to determine the top three positions? Who knows that this would happen if we had achieved one more successful pass in the second half against Stache? Who knows what would have happened if we did not win the US Open, perhaps we would have a bit more fire in our game and in practice to win this championship. There is no point making excuses, we can not win them all and it does happen. This was the goal for the season and it has ended in bitter disappointment.

Odyssee is not finished though, we have new objectives in the US and we hope to be in Texas come October.


Frisbee Fest in Trois-Rivières 


As has become custom in Quebec, the outdoor Ultimate season was opened at FrisbeeFest, in Gentilly. For the second consecutive year, Odyssée decided to test themselves in the Women and Open divisions as Calypso and Ulysse, respectively. The objective of the tournament was to practice our game and respect the system we have adopted; this being said, Odyssée players still wanted to defend their titles from the previous year. Unfortunately, Gus, Éric and Véro were missing this event and therefore had to call back-up from mixed team Gecko; who are likely to be a big rival this season. On the women side Marie-Pier Bisson-Coté, Anne-Marie Lalonde, Émilie St-Pierre, Janique Arsenault, Héléna Skrotzky-Boisvert, Amélie Champagne, Catherine D'Avignon and Joanie-Kim Dolbec-Bradette joined the ranks of Calypso. For Ulysse only two additions were needed: Kevin Guillemette and Sébastien Perron


The day started early for Ulysse. At 13h30, three wins and only five points conceded...enough said. All day the points were well fought, but teams lacked the finish to make their possession count and thus Quantum, Quake and Demon had little impact on the scoreboard.

One notable lay-out D from Kev Guillemette, which somehow did not want to stay D-ed. Kev instead tippedthe disk into the hand of the Quantum player, resulting in their first score of the day. It is unclear whether the Quantum player would have scored without the “help” of Kev, so he became the winner of the Saturday “Money Hat”.


The tournament was a bit different on the women side. There was a power pool of four teams, which included QUB, Nova and Vintage. Calypso had a really good day, building on their long game, thanks to the amazing backhand throws of Julie Tremblay and Héléna and the sidearms of Claudie. Calypso ended their day 3-0, with a tight universe win against Nova and defeating QUB by two.


Each year, FrisbeeFest and the warm atsmosphere of the Coconut bar help the integration of new players on the team and to reinforce, the already existing, links. We can simply say that this year was no exception. J

On Sunday, Calypso had just 13 pairs of well honed legs. The two first games went the way of the Odyssée ladies, defeating both Polaris and Vintage on their route to the final against QUB. QUB just coming from a tight game against Nova were pumped and played their long game well and managed to overcome Calypso for the first, and only,  lose of the weekend.

On the side of Ulysse, the first real test of the tournament was in semis against the new team from the old capital: Projet P. Why P? The intensity was there and every point was a battle where each team was able to get many D's. After an early lead from Pojet P, Ulysse succeeded to come back and took the half 7-6. Ulysse then controlled the second half and run away with a victory of 13-8. Projet P is a nice mixture of experienced, young, fast and alert players; not forgetting their powerful puller.

The final, was the one predicted: a first tournament game between Ulysse and Mephisto. Ulysse started strong with a break early in the game to take the lead 3-1. On the following point, Ulysse got multiple chances to score but failed to do so. That was a turning point in the game and Mephisto succeeded to take back their break and even took the half 8-7.

During the first half there was an amazing moment where both the Kevs linked for a Greatest. Kev Guillemette, having flown in the air, knew he was going to land out and sent the disk floating into the middle of the endzone where Kev Groulx (who else), who thought it was a good time to score, and made a huge grab - Watch the top 10 of ESPN this week, you will not be disappointed.

In second half, Ulysse increased intensity in defense, but the offense of Mephisto was not making any mistakes. We got one break, but it was too little too late, and Mephisto won the game on a universe. Mephisto offered an excellent game and we were amazed by the power of their offense. We know we lost against a really good team and can only thank them for a great game and spectacle.

Even if we failed to defend our two titles, it was an overall positive weekend for Odyssée. Lots of fun, sun, and intense Ultimate. We learned the plays and we got to know each other a little bit better. These were the goals and we managed to succeed, so no complaints.

A big thanks to Gecko players, it was a pleasure to play with you. Don't forget to forget the play we showed you. Congratulations to all the teams and the players we played against. There is a lot of talent in Quebec and the level is increasing each year. It is nice to see!


For those who care, Yoland and Kevin, who are still under evaluation, played really well and are heading in the good direction to make their places on Odyssée this year.



Odyssée invites you for a second consecutive year to its co-ed 5on5 spring tournament!
Where : Montréal, Collège St-Jean-Vianney
When : Saturday, april 27th, 2013

BOSTON REGIONALS, October 6 - 7th


It was the moment we were waiting for! The Northeastern championship was held on the first weekend of October. Our goal of the season was to qualify for USA Ultimate Club Championship in Sarasota, Florida. We needed to give our best performance at this tournament to ensure our qualification. Following regulatory changes in the allocation of the number of teams, it favored our region. Four Northeastern teams (The Ghosts, Slow White, ourselves and Wild Card) ranked among the top 16 teams in the country during the regular season, allowing us the fourth spot.


Injuries entailed at Sectionals were almost all healed; allowing 26 of our players to participate. That's a lot of playing time to manage. Our captain Jean-Levy, who was in charge of line calling, commented: "We know the big challenge we were facing: keep motivating all the players, win important games to advance in the tournament and keep in perspective that the tournament could vary between 4 and 8 games." On Saturday, the leadership chose to ask each player to skip a game.


The first game was a formality. But for the second game, we faced the 12th ranked team in the country, Wild Card. They had a very tight (15-14 against Enough Monkey) in the previous round, which got their momentum going and started out much stronger than we did. They made 3 early breaks to take the lead 3-0. I must say that the strong crosswinds favored the defensive team. A time-out later, our attack got organized and was finally able to score. Subsequently, our defense took hold of the match and dominated from start to finish with a 12-6 victory. Caroline Cadotte made her mark in this game; despite a single presence on the field, she ran a long huck, laid out 5 feet high and caught the disk for a point, or so we thought. Turns out there was a travel call on the throw. Nevertheless, girls on the other team still couldn’t believe their eyes.


Our next game was against Slow White, a team that we knew well. Earlier this season, we had beaten them by one point at the Boston Invite tournament and they had won by a single point at the U.S. Open. A win in this game would allow us to ensure a place in the top 3 for the tournament. The wind increased and changed direction. It was now blowing from one end of the field to the other. Throughout the first half, both teams offensively scored with the wind in their back. We started on offense and for a moment, imagined a game without any break. If this was the case, this would have given us a victory on “universe point”, but we would not have been satisfied. We needed a break. Our defense managed to create turnovers and move the disc up the field but was unfortunately not able to score. Unfortunately at 7-7 our offense committed a turnover and Slow White moved up the field with two long passes caught by their tall players. I must say that except for Nico and JL, few of our men conceded less than 2 inches to their players. The second half was different, it started raining and there was a lot more damage. After a point on offense, we were broken again and the score climbed to 10-7 in Slow White’s favor. We needed something big! Frank stepped up and made a spectacular play; saving a “blade” disc by diving fully stretch out length in the air. Inspired by his ESPN top 10 plays of the week, we were back in the game and took an 11 to 10 lead. Unfortunately, it did not last. Were we too nervous or did the Bostonians raise their game a notch? We finally lost 15 to 12. "We did not sufficiently adjusted to their game, this is a team that we know very well and we should have stopped their set plays," said Jean-Lévy.


We were now fighting for the second place in this tournament. It’s on a very cold Sunday morning that we started our game against 7Express. Early in the game, the two offenses were dominant. Ours was running "sets plays" to perfection, made 2 or 3 points, while they were patient and systematic. We had trouble stopping their duo playmaker. At 4-4, looking for defensive solution, we launched our defensive zone FSU. It worked! They turned the disc over a few times allowing us to make a few breaks and take half-time 8-4. In the second half, we struggled to keep the break. Ray "MVP" Nemours took the opportunity to make a hand block, which allowed us to win 13-9.


Our next game was against District5. A victory would ensure us a spot for a 2nd or 3rd place finish. On the draw, Johnny chose to start on defense. We gave him reason by quickly leading with several breaks early in the game. This second "Game-to-go" would be good one, thanks to a solid catch made by Jessie. We were ensured thereafter on our way to a 15-8 victory. JL assisted Phil Camiré for the final point which confirmed our spot in Sarasota. Our goal of the season was achieved! Great joy and a tremendous relief for everyone! We still had to play a game to separate the 2nd and 3rd place. It was quite difficult to get into the mindset to give our maximum effort for this game. Slow White took the lead early in the game. Their attack was well rehearsed and we had a hard time to create turnovers. Our attempt for a comeback was too little too late and we were defeated 15-9.


The USA Ultimate Club Championship finals will take place on October 25 to 28 on the beautiful grounds of the Sarasota Polo Club, Florida. This is the second time a team from Quebec qualifies in the mixed division, in 2010 Snowbirds finished 9th. "Odyssée’s goal will be to have fun as usual," says Jean-Lévy.


This is a dream come true for many of us, though some had been there already in 2010 with Storm or Snowbirds. For many, it will be a first experience in Sarasota. The tournament speech goes to Nico and I quote: "In 2002, when I watched my VHS tape… you know… my 1998 UPA’S tape, I told myself that one day I will go to that tournament. It’s taken me 10 years. I love you guys! ". A beautiful message to the less experienced players who may not realize the height of achievement or experience that they are going to live.



First edition of the Prima Vera tournament


Odyssée is proud to announce the first edition of this 5 on 5 coed tournament where you will be able to start you outdoor season with the spring holding your hand. The origin of the name of this tournament, Prima Vera, is a word that we borrowed from the late latin form of the word spring. This word still exists today because the Italians, the Portuguese and the Spanish are using Primavera to designate this season of renaissance.


Prima Vera is a one day tournament with the particularity of being hybrid because there will be registrations by teams and registrations by individual (Hat).


Event details

Where : Montréal, Collège St-Jean-Vianney

When : Sunday, April 1st 2012

Hours : 8 am to 5 pm (could slightly change)

How much :

  • Individual subscription = 20$
  • Team subscription = 240$

The team payment should be done by cheque to Christian Mathieu and send to 3803 A, Victor-Bourgeau, Montréal, H1X 1Z7. Individual payment will be taken at the tournament.

Registration closes on Thursday, March 29th.

Comes with :

  • 4 or 5 games
  • Food (bagels, fruit, etc.)
  • A lot of fun!!

Registration form :

Interesting web site :





This tournament could be a good way to stabilized your throws with a wind factor, to stretch your legs, to prepare your team for a spring or summer league or a competitive season, to bread fresh air and mainly to play great ultimate, to find that feeling of liberty that we all have when we play our favourite sport… We hope to see you there!!



Write us an email. odysseeduquebec@gmail.com

The organizing committee


Odyssée 2012 - Tryouts and information


We are pleased to announce the dates for the tryouts of Odyssée, 2012 season. These tryouts are open to all the ultimate community. No matter your age, game lever or experience come see us, we promise you a awsome day of ultimate.

  • When: Saturday, February 25th 2012 and Sunday, February 26th, 2012 (Sunday tryouts will be by invitation only)
  • Time: Saturday from 14h to 18h - Sunday from 15h to 19h (can change)
  • Where: Stade Hébert - 7655 Colbert Street, Montreal, H1S 2Y7
  • Cost: details to come
  • Registration: Online form here!


Portrait of the 2012 season

Here is an overview of the 2012 season to give you an idea of the implication that you will have to provide as a Odyssée player.

The main goal of the season: Attend the USA Ultimate Championships in Florida


This year, Odyssey offers an hybrid season with Open, Women and coed tournaments. We will participate in two “Open” tournaments and two “Women“ tournaments in addition to the mixed tournaments.

Tournaments (dates to be confirmed, not official):

  • * Women * - TUF (Toronto Ultimate Festival), Toronto, 12-13 May 2012
  • * Open * - CUT (Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament), Syracuse, 2-3 June 2012
  • * Open and Women * - No Borders, Ottawa, 7-8 July 2012 (or 14-15)
  • * Mixed * - Invites Boston, Boston, 23-24 June 2012
  • * Mixed * - US Open, Boulder, Colorado, 4-8 July 2012
  • * Mixed *- Sectionals (September), Regionals (October) and United States Championships (late October, early November)

Other possible events:

  • * Mixed * - Philly Invite, 14-15 July 2012 (If we are not invited to the US Open)
  • * Mixed * - Comedy of Errors, Montreal (format to be determine, split squad, with juniors, optional, voluntary work, etc.).
  • * Mixed * - Canadian Regionals and Nationals (TBD)


In terms of practices, we will have practices on Wednesday evenings and to a possible extent, a practice every two weekend (in the form of a four hours practice on Saturday morning). Mondays will be optional for fitness and throws, a bonus for those who want to give more.


Beginning of the season:

  • March: a four hour practice a Saturday morning to be determine
  • April: MUCC League on Wednesday nights, a four hour practice a Saturday morning to be determine
  • May: Regular practices every Wednesday evenings, one or two practices four hour practices on Saturdays to be determine

... More to come ...


Also note that we will organize an hybrid 5 on 5 tournament at the College St-Jean-Vianney, Saturday, March 31, 2012. We will have a portion of the tournament that will be “Registation by team” and a portion of the tournament that will be “Individual registration” or in other words a hat tournament... it promises to be very interesting.


We hope to see you at our tryouts!

Odyssée Captains




Click here for english version


Bonjour joueuses et joueurs d’ultimate!


Nous sommes très heureux de lancer le premier Tournoi Hat d’Ultimate 4 contre 4 présenté par Odyssée, le HO! HO! HO! Nous désirons offrir une opportunité de pratiquer notre fabuleux sport dans une période plutôt tranquille et en compagnie des guerrières et guerriers de l’édition 2011 de Odyssée.


Le nom du tournoi est dérivé du H pour Hat et du O pour Odyssée (répéter trois fois pour générer le chaleureux rire du Père Noël). Nous vous proposons de colorer votre équipe d’éléments ou vêtements rappelant Noël qui arrivera à grands pas au moment du tournoi.


Voici les détails de l’événement :



Tous les joueurs d’ultimate du Québec sont les bienvenus, tous calibres confondus! Nous aimons la diversité géographique!


Samedi le 17 décembre 2011, de 13h30h à 18h30


Dôme du Campus Loyola de l’Université Concordia – 7141, Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal (Québec), H4B 1R6


4 contre 4 avec 2H-2F ou 3H-1F, dépendamment des inscriptions et au choix de l’offensive. Les équipes seront constituées de 8 joueurs (5 gars et 3 filles). Vous aurez quatre parties de 45 minutes. Et nous utiliserons les règlements du circuit CQU4 de la Fédération Québécoise d’Ultimate pour encadrer le tout. Mais toutes ces règles sont sujettes à changement dépendamment des inscriptions et de l’humeur des organisateurs!!


20$ par joueur – deux options de paiement : 

  1. Par chèque au nom de Christian Mathieu (en personne ou par la poste) au 3803, Victor-Bourgeau, app. A, Montréal (Québec) H1X 1Z7
  2. Argent ou chèque la journée du tournoi

* L’option 1 nous est préférable pour éviter la gestion des inscriptions sur place

** Pas de paiement, pas de ultimate…




Nous vous proposerons une petite activité en soirée le samedi question de finir la journée en beauté. Petit rassemblement pour prendre une bière ou deux! Au plaisir de vous y voir en grand nombre.


Le comité organisateur du HO! HO! HO!


Boston Mixed Easterns


Le weekend du 4 et 5 juin avait lieu le Boston Mixed Easterns, tournoi d’ultimate mixte, où Odyssée participait à son premier tournoi en tant qu’équipe. Tous étaient bien fébriles d’entreprendre ce périple de deux jours et de mettre en pratique les stratégies et le système de jeu pratiqués depuis plusieurs semaines. Les joueuses et joueurs attendaient impatiemment ce jour depuis longtemps.


Odyssée a attaqué la première journée sans retenue et s’est présentée au premier match avec un goût de vaincre assez flagrant. À travers les cris de ralliement, les lancers, les attrapés et les défensives, les points se sont accumulés et la victoire est survenue avec un pointage décisif de 15-6 contre la troisième équipe au classement du pool C, Desperado.


Cette première partie a permis à Odyssée d’imposer son tempo et de poursuivre sur une lancée victorieuse. Les deux parties subséquentes ont été pratiquement identiques puisque les victoires enregistrées furent de 15-6 les deux fois. Les adversaires de ces parties se nommaient Gun Totin Teddy Bears et Detroit Lions.


Pour le dernier duel de la journée, Odyssée devait affronter une équipe d’expérience et présente sur le circuit américain depuis plusieurs années, Slow White (où le nom d’équipe était additionné de Because I’m Your Fath). Après un début de partie plutôt lent où l’équipe adverse a pris les devants 2-0, Odyssée a explosé de part son intensité et a remporté une victoire satisfaisante de 14-11. Par cette victoire, Odyssée volait la position No.1 du tournoi pour la journée du samedi.


Avec des performances fiables de ses joueurs, Odyssée entamait la journée du dimanche avec le feu aux jambes et la détermination au cœur. Le défi du matin fut plutôt bref avec une victoire de 15-2 contre Bytown Flatball Club en provenance de la capitale Ottawa.


Pour poursuivre son chemin vers la finale du tournoi, Odyssée devait se mesurer à Slow White Y, autre équipe de grand talent. L’équipe a abordé ce match avec sérieux et anticipait une rencontre très intense et serrée. Certes, l’intensité a été au rendez-vous mais Odyssée a chargé sa fournaise de charbon sans relâche et le résultat fut une victoire éclatante de 15-3. L’équipe était sur la bonne voie, le travail acharné depuis le début de cette belle aventure portait fruit.


Tout ceci nous amène donc en demi-finale contre une équipe gonflée à bloc, qui venait tout juste d’accéder à cette demi-finale en remportant sur un point universe, le match qui les opposait à Onyx de Québec. Cette même équipe qu’Odyssée avait vaincu la vieille, Gun Totin Teddy Bears, allait avoir une deuxième chance de victoire. Un début de match décevant a donné une avance de 4-1 à l’adversaire et Odyssée n’a jamais été en mesure de prendre les devants, malgré deux remontées à 4-4 et à 7-7. La marque finale : Gun Totin Teddy Bears 15 et Odyssée 11. C’est cette équipe qui remporta finalement le tournoi par une victoire de 16-15.


Malgré tout, Odyssée est très fière de ses résultats et de sa progression. Ce tournoi était une étape préparatoire en vue d’un objectif beaucoup plus important, les Championnats Canadiens d’Ultimate à Ottawa. Les prochaines étapes pour Odyssée, le tournoi Comedy of Errors (où l’équipe sera divisée en deux inscriptions), le Boston Invite, le Philly Invite et les Championnats régionaux à Québec.


Présentation de l'équipe 2011


Bonjours à tous,


Premièrement, merci a tous ceux qui ont participé aux essais pour Odyssée. Le niveau de jeu était très élevé et l’intensité était à son maximum. Le comité de sélection a eu une tâche très difficile à cause

de votre talent. Les choix ont été déchirants, mais une équipe devait être formée avec un nombre limité de joueurs (ses). Odyssée souhaite la meilleure des chances à tous ceux qui n’ont pas été retenu. Merci à tous.


À la suite de plusieurs heures de discussions, Odyssée a choisi les guerriers qui accompliront la prophétie 2012. Nous sommes confiants d’avoir fait les bons choix pour atteindre nos objectifs.


Gars Filles Statut en évaluation
  • Yan Bouchard
  • Nicolas Brochu
  • Yoland Cabot
  • Philippe Camiré
  • Chuck Cantone
  • Jean-Lévy Champagne
  • Félix Daigle
  • Sébastien Labbé
  • Simon-Philippe Lebel
  • Hugo Lefrançois
  • Alexandre Lévesque
  • Christian Mathieu
  • Raynald Nemours
  • Éric Preseault
  • Jean-Philippe Riopel
  • Philippe Thivierge
  • Marie-Hélène Audet
  • Julie Blais
  • Héléna Strostsky-Boisvert
  • Caroline Cadotte
  • Geneviève Dufresne
  • Véronique Éllyson
  • Kaoru Matsui
  • Marie-Ève Robert
  • Claudie Turcotte
  • Sandra Williams
  • Catherine Viau


Invitation aux essais libres


Je me souviens, j’écoutais le Chef d’œuvre des cowboys « La tête à Papineau », un Magnum glacé en main, j’avais ce rêve en tête : Un Pâté chinois fumant de joueurs qui rêvent d’un Volkswagen blues, d’Est en Ouest... Les Patriotes représentant le Bas de laine Québécois et le Québec Lifestyle du Ultimate. Réunir une équipe de Magiciens du disque pour atteindre les plus hauts sommets.


C’est cette année que le rêve se réalise. Les Classes vertes seront à Montréal, dans l’est de la ville, le vrai Downtown. Nous sommes des accrocs de ce sport splendide et nous ne cherchons rien de moins que des Ultimate geeks aussi dangereux que des Samouraïs coupant coupant. Un Gang de Montréal vous attend pour cette aventure, alors traverser le pont Jacques-Cartier et rejoignez nous. Cette épopée à des racines anciennes, le jour où Christophe Colomb a posé les pieds ici, en 1492, notre histoire était déjà née.


Plus grand, plus haut que Denoiret et Montréal All star, nous voulons la crème de la crème, le meilleur Québon. L’objectif est de remporter les Championnats d’Ultimate Canadien à Ottawa et par le fait même devenir Team Canada pour les prochains Championnats du Monde en Autriche ou à Taïwan (World Ultimate & Guts Championships 2012).


Nous désirons organiser des essais libres d’envergure et donc, nous visons une très forte participation. Nous sollicitons tous les joueurs du Québec qui désirent jouer au niveau compétitif mixte et participer à une expérience inoubliable. Pas de gêne à avoir, tous les joueurs désirant participer aux essais libres seront acceptés, peu importe l’expérience et le calibre.


Camp de sélection – Essai libre

Quand et où :

  1. Extérieur sur le terrain synthétique du Parc Père-Marquette - Dimanche le 21 novembre 2010 de 11h à 15h
  2. Intérieur sur le terrain synthétique du Collège Saint-Jean-Vianney - Dimanche le 5 décembre 2010 de 12h à 15h


Coût :

  • Première séance = 10$
  • Deuxième séance (après sélection de la 1ère séance) = 20$


Quoi apporter :

  1. H2O
  2. Crampons ou turf shoes (au choix)
  3. Chandails noir et blanc (avec numéros si possible)
  4. Le paiement pour l'accès aux essais libres


Vous devez obligatoirement remplir le questionnaire suivant pour participer aux essais libres, date limite mercredi le 17 novembre 2010 :

Remplir le questionnaire ici!


Lâchez La p’tite vie et venez jouer au frisbee! Le Train arrive!!


Si vous avez des questions ou vous voulez discuter : odyssee2010 AT googlegroups DOT com


HQ HeadQuarter – Le comité de sélection

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