24 October, 2017 - 07:20
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Tournament on snow

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Results - Tournament on snow Play for your cause 5th edition


Now a yearly must, the tournament on Snow - Play for your cause - was a great success again this year. The ideal weather attended our rendez-vous at Parc Champêtre on February 23rd. Every team played 3 to 5 games in the hopes of picking the organism to which we would donate the event profits. Even the representatives of the PMSV feminine program were there, preparing delicious warm wine for the players to drink between two games and promoting their tryouts.


Here is the final ranking :

1. Bar Chez Hélène

2. VTM sur neige (Spirit)

3. Blue Balls of Glory

4. Ripolets

5. Aria

6. Les Cowboys du Nord (Spirit)

7. Vanupieds

8. Les Pantalons (Spirit)

9. Panel Compagnie


This year's winner, Bar Chez Hélène, decided to donate their prize to Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation while the 3 ex-æquo spirit winners VTM sur neige, Les Pantalons and Les Cowboys du Nord opted for the Club des Petits Déjeuners. 

Thanks to all for attending this 5th edition of the tournament and don't miss next year's tournament!