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Rules & Policies - Summer 7vs7 leagues

Game procedures


1. Rules of the game

If you have any questions about the USA Ultimate or AUM rules, please write to the AUM rules committee (rulesguy@montrealultimate.ca). Games will be played under the USA Ultimate Rules of Ultimate, 11th edition,, with the following exceptions and clarifications:


a) Foot blocks

Foot blocks are permitted unless one captain wishes to prohibit them. A foot block is defined as an attempt by the defender within 3 meters of the thrower to block a throw with his/her foot or leg raised off the ground. If prohibited, an attempted foot block is treated as a foul on the marker.


b) Dangerous play

“Dangerous, aggressive behavior, or reckless disregard for the safety of fellow players or harmful endangerment is always a foul. This rule is not superseded by any other rule” (USA Ultimate Rules of Ultimate, 11th edition, XVI.H.4).

The AUM’s interpretation of this rule is that contact is not required to call a Dangerous Play foul. Dangerous behaviour alone can be a foul.

"It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every way possible"

The AUM’s interpretation of this rule is that a Dangerous Play foul may be called even if the opposing player’s dangerous behaviour is unintentional. Simple lack of attention or failure to use caution to avoid contact can be a foul. Please realise that a certain amount of incidental (minor or unimportant) contact can occur while playing. However, if a player feels that making a play on the disc poses a clear personal danger because of an opposing player’s dangerous behavior, reckless disregard for safety, lack of attention, or failure to use caution, that player may elect to disengage and call “Dangerous Play.”

A call of “Dangerous Play” cannot be contested. Regardless of the outcome of the pass, play stops and the disc reverts to the thrower. Play resumes with a check at a stall count of one.


c) Player Ratios and Minimum Numbers

The AUM summer league is officially 4M/3F. Teams may play with the ratio of 4F/3M, but the other team is not required to match. Teams must have a minimum of two women and a maximum of four persons of the same gender on the field at any time.


2. Start time

Games start at 6:30 P.M., UNLESS otherwise indicated (see schedule on web site).


All games are to start on time. If only one team is ready to play at the start time, that team may assess points at the rate of 1 point every 5 minutes, but must inform the other team before any points may be assessed. Please note that a team is only “ready to play” if they have the minimum required number of players (6) on the line and the field is set up, regardless of whether or not the ready team is the home team.


3. Field Set-Up

The home team must set up the field before game time. The visiting team should inspect the set-up. All players should make both teams aware of any observed hazards and mark them with cones or discs, if appropriate.


Fields should be set up according to the following diagram, with cones marking the four corners of each end zone and possibly flat cones marking every 20 yards on the side line. (25 yards = 22.86M, 40 yards = 36.5M, 70 yards = 64M)


4. End of game

Games are played to 15 with a margin of victory of at least 2 points, unless the Official Time Cap is reached, at which stage the point in progress will be played out and the game ends. Captains may mutually agree to an alternate point or time cap, provided that the game does not extend beyond the Official Time Cap.


Please note that games played on certain fields (Collège Français, Laval, Concordia fields, etc.) have designated time slots, and cannot extend beyond them.


5. Official Time Caps

Injuries occur when visibility is reduced. In the interests of player safety, the AUM sets time caps for league games. These time caps are based on the sunset times posted for Montreal.


Once the Official Time Cap is reached, the point in progress may be played to its conclusion, after which the game terminates, regardless of the score.


To consult official Time Caps, please refer to the yearly Captains manual that can be found on the Captain's Corner page



6. Defaults

The minimum required number of players to begin a game is six, with a minimum of two women. A default occurs if a team has fewer than the minimum required ready to play by 30 minutes after the game start time. If an injury produces such a situation after the start of the game, the game can be rescheduled and continued from the point at which the injury occurred.


If a team defaults twice, that team will get a $100 fine regardless of whether or not they intend to finish the season. If the team intends to continue to play in the league, any subsequent forfeit will cause a $200 fine. Then, if a third default happens, the team will be expelled from the league.

It will not be considered a default if a team gives the league and the opposing team a minimum of 24 hours notice that it will not be able to play a game. Please do not rely on e-mail unless you receive a reply.

If a team doesn't show up to a game, please advise your coordinnator by e-mail. Also, please enter a score of 15-0 for the team who showed up for nothing (forfeit win).

7. Postponement of games

A game can be postponed for the following reasons:

  1. Dangerous playing conditions such as lightning or hail. Lightning in the area is cause to immediately stop the game. If one team has reached a score of 8 points or more, the captains may agree to let the game score stand.
  2. To safeguard a field against damage
  3. Exceptional circumstances. Captains may agree to postpone a game due to exceptional circumstances.


If as captains you agree to cancel a game, you must still go through the steps of entering a score on the web site. Once on the page where you are asked to input the score of the game, you will have the option to postpone the game at the bottom of the form. You will be asked to provide an explanation for the cancellation, and a message will automatically be sent to your division coordinator to inform him or her of the situation.


All rescheduled games MUST be completed, and scores submitted, within 48 hours of the end of the current round. Team captains may agree that there is no way to reschedule a cancelled game before the end of a round. In that case, captains will inform their coordinator and the game will be considered a tie.


When rescheduling a game, captains should first select the day and time they wish to play the game. Once this decision is made, they should contact their division coordinator, who will assign them a field and update the online schedule. When informing the coordinator of the new date and time, you may request a specific field , but our natural grass fields need days off in order to remain in good shape, so please respect the AUM's decision if we decide we cannot let you play on your preferred field.


8. Weather guidelines

Inclement weather is a problem that will affect most teams at least once over the course of the summer. In order to minimize confusion and uncertainty, the AUM will implement the following policies and procedures for the summer of 2011:


  • Every player should assume that they are expected to show up at their assigned field on time, regardless of weather conditions.
  • The AUM will almost NEVER make the decision to cancel games in advance due to weather. However, we do frequently move games based on field conditions. If the AUM decides to move (or very rarely, cancel) a game, all affected captains will receive an e-mail and the change will be posted to the AUM website no later than 16:00 on the day of the game.
  • Once you're at the field and game time has arrived, you MUST cancel the game if you have heard thunder in the last 30 minutes (if it has been 15 minutes, you may choose to wait 15 minutes and start your game late). On a natural grass field, you MUST cancel the game if there are puddles of water on the field or if your cleats are pulling up big chunks of grass. The long term health of our fields should be the priority.
  • If more than 2/3 of the games scheduled for a particular night were not completed due to weather, the AUM may consider rescheduling that entire night. In the unlikely event that this occurs, captains will receive an e-mail and the AUM website will be updated with this information within 72 hours of the scheduled start of the cancelled games.

You can find the entire Weather guideline here


9. Scorekeeping and standings

The captains are not the only ones allowed to enter the scores and spirit scores after each game. The captain can give access to any number of players from their team on the website. After each game, the captain must transmit the results of the game as well as the spirit score.

We prefer that these results be entered electronically through: www.montrealultimate.ca


a) How do you enter a score through the website?

  • Connect yourself to the AUM website by using your userID and password
  • Go to the ULM – schedule and results
  • Select the night of your game
  • On schedule, find your game
  • Click on the paper/pencil icon besides the name of your team for the appropriate date of your game

Enter your score, your opponent’s score, their spirit score and any commentary about the field or the spirit of the game in the appropriate comment boxes.


b) Alternate means of reporting scores

If game scores cannot be reported via the website, you may report them by sending an e-mail message to the appropriate League Night Coordinator:

Game scores can also be reported through the AUM office: (514) 303-4048.


c) Disputed Scores

If there is a disputed score (which occurs when the scores submitted by opposing captains do not match), either captain can enter a corrected score by following the same steps listed above. If necessary, the appropriate Coordinator may resolve the situation with the captains.


d) Deadline for reporting scores

The captains are obliged to enter their scores and spirit evaluations within 48 hours after the game. If scores are not entered on time on the website, the team will receive one Yellow disc. The team will receive a $100 fine when 4 Yellow discs are accumulated during the season.


e) Standings

At the beginning of each season, the seedings will be prepared by the league coordinator based on the requests of the team captains on their registration form and the team history. Then, after each round, a re-seeding will be done (the best team will go up 1 division and the worst team will go down 1 division, if possible).

The results and rankings are always available on the website under the menu ''horaires et résultats''.


f) Tie breaker

In the case of a tie in the standings at the end of a round of play, the following tie brakers will be used, in order.


1. Win/loss record of the team

2. Result of the game between the tied teams

3. Point differential

4.Points for (amount of points scored by the teams)

5. Spirit score


10. Incident report

If an incident resulting in injury occurs during any league-related activity, captains must complete an incident report online. The AUM is concerned for the safety of all of our members. Your answers to these questions will guide us in the development of proactive measures: cancelling or planning groundwork on certain "dangerous" fields, institution of preventative measures with our members, the education of new players with regards to dangerous plays, etc.


11. Spirit rating system

All games played in an AUM-based league must take place with a high level of respect for the Spirit of the Game. After the game, during the reporting of the scores, the captain will have to evaluate the Spirit level of the opposing team. A score out of 10 will be calculated, based on the answers the captain provides. As the simple awarding of a number left too much room for subjectivity, a Spirit evaluation questionnaire was established, and improved upon. Take the time to carefully read the criteria and to evaluate the opposing team to the best of your judgement. You will receive a warning if you are about to submit a score below 6 out of 10.


12. The Mila Oh Spirit Prize

The AUM encourages all of its teams to play with Spirit. With this in mind, teams that demonstrate Spirit above and beyond the norm will have the chance to take home the Mila Oh Spirit Prize.