20 October, 2017 - 07:16
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Orange cone recreative Festival

Congratulations to the Turcot division champions, Team Punch-out! and to the Champlain Bridge division champions, Team Crevettes pompettes! Thanks to all for your participation. Full standing is now available. 


Saterday July 30th from 9AM to 4PM


What's the purpose of this tournament? It's a great opportunity for all players to participate in a first tournament as you will only play versus teams of your approximative strenght. 


Registration? From Wednesday May 10th at 3PM to Monday July 11th at 8AM.

Where will it be? Institut universitaire en santé mental Douglas

Cost? $250 per team / $30 for individual registration

Game format? 5 vs 5 (3 men / 2 women)

Rules? 5 on 5 AUM rules including on-the-fly substitutions

How many games? 3 games guaranteed

How many spots availables? 32 teams


What do I need? A water bottle, cleats, a team and your smile! Also, bring some snacks/lunch to eat between games as there is no food provided since we will make compact schedules as much as possible.

What does my team need? 2 different colors of shirts in case you face a team with the same shirt color (black or white t-shirt can always do the job. Everyone has one of both).

What if it rains? To preserv Douglas' fields, the AUM could delay the event to Sunday July 31st. The decision will be made at the latest on Friday July 29th at 10AM.




Teams selection criterias :

  1. Reception of the registration form
  2. Reception of the payment (credit card) - Payment link available at the end of the registration form.


Schedule and rankings




Schedule and rankings will be available 1 week before the event

     *Teams will be ranked by divisions. Each games will be played within this division.

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Résultats Festival du cône orange 2016.pdf191.56 KB
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