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Individual registration - Varennes - Sunday session 2 - Winter 2015-2016

General informations

Important things to know:

  • Registrations: From Monday November 30th (3PM) to Wednesday January 13th 2016 at 8AM 
  • League duration: 9 weeks of play
  • Payment: The payment link will pop-up on your screen at the end of the registration form.
  • Game format: 4 vs 4
  • Team splitting: The teams will be split on site before the first game of the season.
  • Division: We will form 4 to 6 teams (according to the number of registrations). Therefore, there will not be any divisions.
  • Junior players: All players of 14 years old and older will be accepted in the league. If your kid is younger and you still want him to play, please contact us at the AUM and we might make some exceptions.

Overview of the league informations

4 vs 4
Venue Dates Level of play required

Varennes- Sunday

Complexe multisports régional

January 17th to March 20th 2016

(No games on February 14th)

7PM to 8:15PM

For everyone 60 players





To register, you must:

1) Create an AUM account to log in your account. To create an account, click here!

2) Pay your membership which will be valid until December 31st 2016. To pay, simply click here! (Careful, this does not include the league fees!). 

3) Fill out the registration form available at the bottom of this page

4) Pay the league fees. The payment link (Credit card) will pop-up on your screen at the completion of the registration form.

5) We will now contact you to confim your spot and explain how the league will work at latest during the week of January 11th. You can prepare yourself by making sure you have your cleets, a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt. 

*The payment link is at the end of the registration form*
Have a good season!