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Entertainment services

The Ultimate Greater Montreal (UGM) offers to schools, day camps, leisure centers, youth centers and community organizations an ultimate entertainment service in five formulas :


1- Ultimate Workshops

Duration: Typically 60 to 90 minutes each. We can travel for several workshops in a row to meet more young people, according to your needs.

Content: Playful warm-up, explanations of the basic throws and game with a minimum of rules.
The facilitator can prepare more advanced content on demand without problems.

Materials needed: The facilitator brings all the necessary equipment to present his sport and make it live to the young!

Field required: A smooth, treeless outdoor grassy field and / or a gymnasium (minimum size of 3 badminton courts) for practice in bad weather are required.

Number of young people: A group of young people must be between 20 and 30 young people, ideally accompanied by a teacher or facilitator.

Location: Workshops are offered on the Island of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

1 workshop
2 workshops
in the same day
3 workshops
in the same day
4 workshops
in the same day
$ 100
$ 175
$ 250
$ 325 

* Taxes are extra.


2- Day camp specialization  

You offer several specializations to your day camp? Add variety by offering ultimate!

Depending on your needs, several options are possible to help you add an ultimate specialization :
  • One of our facilitators supports animation all day including multidisciplinary activities
  • One of our facilitators is present for just few hours to animate the specialization activities
  • We can train your staff to the ultimate basics and help you acquire the necessary equipment
Depending on the option chosen, the cost can vary. Contact us for a quote.


3- Recreational ultimate for several weeks!

The activity is proposed for several weeks to allow kids and teenagers to learn the sport while deepening their techniques. 

We will adapt to your needs! We will discuss dates, schedules and find the best fit for you to take care of registrations.

A coach is present with alle the equipment required to present the sport! Of course, the kids will play and learn how to handle the disc.

An outdoor field is necessary if the temperature allows us to play outside, or a gym (minimum size of 3 badminton courts) to practice in case of bad weather.

The fees are $ 45 / session. For instance, an 8-week season would be $ 360 + txs. This price covers the equipment and pays the coach.


4- Training

We can provide training for your staff or organize training for several organizations to provide the necessary resources to help you start an ultimate activity.
The training, lasting 3 to 4 hours includes a theoretical part and a practical part.
We adapt content at your needs.
Usually the group will be between 4 and 10 people.
The training can take place in your office or at our office, at your convenience. We need a classroom or a conference room as well as a field or a gymnasium for the practical part.
Educational resources are provided to you electronically after the training (animation content, additional resources, etc.).
Location: Formations are offered on the Island of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

Training duration

3 hours

4 hours


250 $

300 $


275 $

325 $


300 $

350 $


Taxes are extra.


5- Equipment sale

The ultimate is an accessible sport that requires little equipment; cones to delineate the field and game discs.
However, UGM is one of the only organizations in Montreal selling official ultimate discs. The weight is regulatory and the disc is more durable.
Refer to our store for more information.


These offers are flexible according to your needs and have a common goal :  Making sure the kids like ultimate!
You want support to organize an other activity to play ultimate? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you.

For more informations and reservations, contact: Claudine Carbray,
Development Manager, 514 303-4048,