20 October, 2017 - 17:48
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Team registration for spring leagues 2017


General informations

Important dates:

  • Registrations : From Friday February 17th at 3 PM to Monday March 6th at 8 AM
  • Spots confirmation : March 6th-7th 2017
  • Payment: $50 discount before March 13th at 8 AM
  • Roster and payment deadline: March 20th at 8 AM
  • Schedules: Available 1 week prior to your first game

Important things to know:

  • Rosters: All teams must have a minimum of 10 players in their roster (6 men 4 women) with an active membership.
  • Leagues duration: 8 weeks of play (6 weeks guaranteed). The weather will tell us when we can get on the fields!
  • Game time and schedules: 1h for a game on a timeslot rotation.
  • Payment: The payment link will be sent by e-mail to the team captain when we will confirm the teams. Please be aware!
  • Unfulfilled payment/roster: Each team will automatically lose their spot if they do not pay on time. The teams with an unfulfilled roster will be scheduled to play, every week, at the worst possible timeslot available until the completion of the round.
  • Game format: Mixed 5 vs 5.
  • 2017 particularity: There are fewer spots on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday in Montreal this year but there is more on Tuesday (Montreal) and Thursday (Longueuil).

    The teams registered in 2016 for the leagues with fewer spots in 2017 will have priority (as usual) on the league they played last year. If there are too many of them, the order of registration will be used to select the teams.
  • New teams: We recommend to register on Monday, Tuesday or Sunday (Montreal), Wednesday (Laval) or Thursday (Longueuil).


Overview of the spring league offer:

League Fields Dates Price
before March 14th
From March 14th +

Montreal Sunday

7PM - 10:30PM

Notre-Dame College

April 9th to May 28th $545 $595 18

Montreal Monday

6:30PM - 11PM

Bois-de-Boulogne college

April 10th to May 29th $650 $700 18

Montreal Tuesday


6:30PM - 11:00PM

Percival Molson stadium + Forbes

April 11th to May 30th $650 $700


Montreal Tuesday
30 years old +

6:30PM - 11:00PM
Percival Molson stadium + Forbes April 11th to May 30th $650 $700 8

Montreal Wednesday


7PM - 11PM

UDeM: Vincent-D'Indy

April 12th to May 31st $650 $700 12

Montreal Thursday


6:30PM - 11PM

Percival Molson stadium

April 13th to June 1st $650 $700


Laval Monday


7PM - 9PM

Letendre College Field

April 10th to May 29th $545 $595


Laval Wednesday

6:30PM - 11PM

Letendre College Field

April 12th to May 31st


$595 24

Longueuil Thursday

6:30PM - 11PM

French College synthetic field

April 13th to June 1st $545 $595 24

Lakeshore Monday

7:30PM - 9:30PM

John Abbott Field April 10th to May 29th $545 $595 12


To register, you must:

1) Create an account or connect to it. To create your account, click here!

2) Pay your membership fee $55 (valid until December 31st 2017). To pay the membership, click here!

3) Connect on your account and fill the team registration form (available on February 17th at 3 PM).

*Careful! If you want to play in more than one league, please fill out a new form each time.
**Careful, please make sure to put the name displayed on the credit card you will use for the payment in the ''payer's'' box in the registration form unless we may not be able to track your payment.

4) As a captain, you are now the link between the AUM and you players. Make sure to look frequently for our e-mails and please answer them as soon as possible.

We will contact you during the week of March 6th to confirm your spot and give you the final instructions.

You can already start the process however by asking all your players to pay their 2017 memberships right away (you will not be able to add your players to your roster if they did not pay their membership).



Registration form


Registration completed

Have a good season!