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Mephisto is Montreal's elite open team that participated many times to nationals and even represented montreal open program at the world's championships in Prague in 2010. Mephisto will keep defending its honor this year with the finest open teams in the country.




Jazz 2012 | CUT 2012 | MAD at FrisbeeFest | Mephisto 2012


CUT 2011 | Mephisto 2011 Tryouts 2011


Mephisto's goal at Jazzfest this year was to repeat last year's performance by winning the tournament. Despite the problems the team has face this year at previous tournaments (ie. problems winning games), we were confident that we could grind our way to the top spot.


Our confidence was shaken right off the bat in the first half of our first game against UDad as the Mephisto offensive line repeatedly failed to score points. We simplified our game at halftime and rallied, but were unable to recover a win.


Next up was Bloody Gary. Bloody had beaten Mephisto at Boston a week earlier for the first time ever, and unfortunately for 'Phisto, the two games went very similarly. The Sherbrooke boys out-played Mephisto in the first half: connecting on more long throws and rattling the confidence of the O-line. Some adjustments to the lines were made for the second half, and we clawed our way back into the game. Once again it wasn't enough and BG added another well earned victory to their record against us.


After a long bye, Mephisto finished off the day against Firebird-- Ottawa's B team. This game allowed us to settle down and build the confidence we so desperately needed. Our O-Line started to connect throws together and the D-Line clamped down for a decisive win.


Sunday morning started with a game against one of the two NSom teams. We went into this game with all the energy we could muster, insisting on playing our best ultimate. The result was more confidence building and another win.


Extenz was next. They're a team from Virginia and were seeded third overall. They had taken down Bloody Gary on Saturday with their big throws and big strikers. Our O-line started off looking very steady in the first half, efficiently showing a mix of long and short plays to score points. The D-Line applied great pressure and managed to snatch a couple of breaks over the course of the game. In the second half a couple of upwind points versus an Extenz zone defense tightened up the game, resulting in a spectacular, exhausting, turnover-ridden universe point which we managed to win.


That point was our ticket to the finals, allowing us a chance at redemption against UDad. In this game, our O-line continued their steady pace from the previous game, scoring points either from efficient plays or scrappy leg work and grit. Our D-line also continued contributing, generating plenty of turnovers and grinding to convert a number of them. Despite hopes that UDad would just collapse after a few breaks, they continued to play hard, forcing Mephisto to keep the pressure on right up until the final point. Our defensive line scored the last point, earning us the tournament victory and fudgsicles as a prize.


2012 Cazanovia Ultimate Tournament (CUT)


Mephisto attended the Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament (CUT) in early June for its first real tournament of the year. CUT is a tournament that attracts elite teams, and on Saturday, Mephisto was seeded in a power pool along with Ironside (Boston), Phoenix (Ottawa) and Maverick (Kitchener-Waterloo).

The first game of the day opposed Mephisto to Maverick. After a quick and energetic beginning which saw Mephisto go up two breaks, Maverick took over and dominated the second hald. 13-7 Maverick.

Mephisto then met its great rival Phoenix. In a far from memorable game, given the amount of execution errors by the Mephisto players, Phoenix won 13-6. The third game of the day was against Irondide, an elite team that played in the finals of the UPA championships last year. Ironside quickly dictated the outcome of the game. Despite the 13-4 score, all were of the view that this was the best game of the day for Mephisto. The intensity was there, especially for the Mephisto D-lines that provoked a lot of turns.

Saturday concluded with a game against Starfox, with a spot in the top 8 at play. Starfox was quickly outpaced by Mephisto's energy. 13-5 Mephisto.

It is thus with a quarterfinal match against GOAT that Mephisto began on Sunday. Once more, the Mephisto D-lines succeeded in getting many turns. However, we struggled to convert the breaks into scores and take advantage of our opportunities. 15-6 GOAT. The following game found us once more playing versus Phoenix. The game was closer than the Saturday game, but Phoenix once again prevailed. 12-8 Phoenix. We concluded the day with a friendly game against a Pittsburgh team.

A hard tournament for Mephisto. Much work remains to be done in preparation for our next tournament in Boston!


Mephisto-Demon-Agony at Frisbeefest 2012


Mephisto went to the FrisbeeFest in Trois-Rivières with a coaching spirit to help new Demon and Agony players gain experience and to improve on team cohesion. This is why the MAD program fielded three teams (MAD1-2-3) made up of players from all its teams. The primary goal was therefore not on performance, but rather transferring all the tools for Demon and Agony to perform better throughout the Summer.


MAD1, composed of the Mephisto O-line, began its day against Firebird from Ottawa and Quake from Québec and won both games to improve its ranking. MAD2 faced a more challenging pool with first game against NSOM1. After leading at the beginning of the match, NSOM1 came back to finally win on game point. The second match was against Bloody Gary, MAD2 also lost this game but there was a notable progression from the Demon players during this game. Finally, MAD3 was lucky enough to begin its day at 12:30 to play against Q (a lose) and Magma (a win).


For crossovers, MAD1 went up against two masters teams, Quantum and NSOM1. After losing to Quantum, MAD1 finished on a good note by winning against NSOM1. MAD2 faced Q in its first crossover. After a close beginning to the game, Q slowly built a lead that MAD2 was not able to overcome. Meanwhile, MAD3 was up against Bloody Gary, match during which Demon and Agony players showed improvement from earlier in the day, but it was not enough to come away with the victory. The second crossover saw MAD2 and MAD3 fighting it out with an extra incentive: not having to wake up at 6am the next day. After exchanging points for a while, MAD2 came away with the right to stay in bed.


Sunday began with a new strategy from MAD3: activating the fire alarm at 6am to weaken MAD1 and MAD2, who were supposed to sleep-in. MAD3 then proceeded to match up against Firebird at 7:30 and came away victorious. Later this day, MAD3 won their final game against Quake. MAD1 and MAD2 were playing against one another to begin the day. Another fratricide war was inevitable in Gentilly. It was intensely fought, but MAD1 came away with a 2 point victory. The day ended with games against the two NSOM teams, MAD1 beat NSOM1 and MAD2 was defeated by NSOM2.


In the end, the tournament was a great success since Demon and Agony players had great opportunities to learn and develop. In fact, many Agony players were experiencing their first competitive Ultimate tournament, with some of them playing more Ultimate this week-end than ever before.




Mephisto has a decade long winning tradition of being Quebec's premiere men's ultimate team. In 2012 Mephisto hopes to continue this high standard of play by being Quebec's top seed at the CUC Championships and achieving a minimum semi-final finish there.


Mephisto fosters an attitude of winning performance based on years of elite international play, experienced leadership and an atmosphere of fairness, open communication and mutual respect. The Mephisto-Demon team devotes much energy into developing ultimate in Montreal and is always excited to develop new talent with potential in order to achieve high results this season as well as for seasons to come.


Come join our winning tradition! For more information on the team’s goals for the 2012 season, the schedule and to register for the tryouts that will be held on Friday, March 9th (7:30 pm – 9:30 pm) at stade Hébert, please follow this link : http://bit.ly/zoYleg


The Mephisto captains




Last weekend, Mephisto traveled to Syracuse, New York, to participate in the Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament. Saturday’s games promised to be difficult since the team played in the power pool against 4 of the best men’s teams in the Northeast: Ironside (Boston), Southpaw (Philadelphia), PoNY (New York) and GOAT (Toronto). With 17 rookies in its lineup, many of whom were playing against teams of this level for the first time, Mephisto started slowly and nervously, finishing the day with a 0-4 record. Still, each game brought a nice progression of increased intensity and execution, the highlight being the last game of day: a hard fought 13-9 loss to PoNY. Players enjoyed an evening of NHL finals, beers and rest at the Brae Loch Inn.


Sunday morning, Mephisto faced in the quarterfinals a team they had played the day before: Southpaw. After a slow 0-4 start for Mephisto, both teams then exchanged points, with Mephisto getting back a few breaks. The fight ended with a 12-15 loss for Mephisto, who still managed to score twice as much points as in the game from Saturday against the same team. Relegated to the 5th place bracket, Mephisto then played Red Tide (Portland, Maine). Continuing on its streak and working hard, Mephisto got a convincing 15-10 win. The last game of the weekend was against long-time rival Phoenix (Ottawa). After another slow start, Mephisto was able to get back in the game. Unfortunately, the players from Phoenix took advantage of some mistakes and finished with a 15-11 victory. Mephisto finished 6th in a tournament, highlighted by a clear improvement of the team throughout the weekend.


2011 Objectives


Montreal's top Open team, Mephisto, started its season on the right foot last weekend (May 21-22) after an offseason full of surprises. With most of last year's team now hoping to represent Canada in the Mixed division at Worlds next year, Mephisto showed it is ready for 2011. The team won the White Mountain Open held in Quechee, Vermont last weekend. Mephisto headed to WMO seeded first, a ranking earned from the team's WMO win last year. This is not the same Mephisto team, however, as the roster now includes 17 new players. As with any team with so many new players the challenge is to develop chemistry quickly and learn the team system. Players have really embraced this challenge and showed great focus in executing recent practice strategy. To the players' credit, Mephisto performed admirably this weekend, winning all games.


Saturday allowed the players to develop chemistry on the field. In the first game, the offensive line did its job with plays both simple and spectacular in their efficiency. The two defensive lines, after a slow start, were then able to break the opponent to win the game 15-9. The two other games of the day were similar to the first one, Mephisto dominating its opponents to finish with a record of 3-0.


The quarter-finals and semi-finals games placed Mephisto against teams from the Masters category. These teams were smart and experienced but Mephisto used its speed to earn two victories and advance to the final. The last game pitted Mephisto against Bloody Gary, an improving young team from Sherbrooke. After trading points at the beginning of the game, Mephisto fought for a couple of breaks played steadily to win the game 15-9 and the tournament.


L-P Lauzon


Mephisto 2011

Mephisto returns in 2011 with a focus to rapidly develop competitive ultimate players eager to learn high level strategies from Montreal's most experienced and successful players.


2011 represents an exciting development opportunity as half of last year's roster is currently seeking a bid in the coed division for World Championships in 2012.While this temporary loss will make it difficult to match the excellent performances of recent years including 3 consecutive finals at Canadian Nationals as well as a National Championship, Mephisto is nonetheless committed to the highest level of play possible and also to developing eager new competitive players with high potential.


The two longest reigning Mephisto captains are both returning and are eager to pass on their lengthy ultimate experience which includes playing for teams like GOAT and Furious, multiple World Championship medals and also UPA finals qualifications. The 2011 roster will provide opportunities for returning players to step up to greater responsibilities and also for new players to integrate into a successful strategic system.


Contact the Mephisto captains and come meet the challenge!



It's a Five for one!! Five teams - 1 tryout !!


Mephisto, Demon and Agony are happy to join forces with Nsom (Masters) and RIP (Mixed) for their first wave of tryouts for the 2011 season ! It's the perfect opportunity to show the Montreal competitive teams just how good you are !!!


If you would like to attend the tryouts, you must fill out this form by March 31st : https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dHdLX2xKODBJckZFc...


  • Where: Stade St-Jean de Vianney
  • When: 10:00am to 1:00pm (extra time slot from 1:00pm to 2:00pm).
  • Please arrive by 9h30am to have enough time to pay and to get assigned a number.
  • Cost: 20$ CASH payable before the start of the tryouts
  • What to bring:
    • Water+Food
    • Gear to play on interior and exterior turf fields
    • Jersey with number: white, black, red and blue.


Note that each team will manage their selection separately following these tryouts. For more information, you can contact each team's leaders.


Looking forward to seeing many of you out there !!

The leaders of Mephisto-Demon-Agony-Nsom and RIP