19 October, 2017 - 23:56
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Elite Program (15-19 years old)


Junior development plays in 5 versus 5 mixed format, the elite category plays in 7 format against 7 open (male) and women.

This game format will prepares them for high level competitions and eventually enters into a competitive adult program.


For who?

Players from 15 to 19* years old are eligible.

*:  Have 19 during the current year, be studying and be in his first year of Cegep 2016-2017


Goal :
Develop the knowledge of young Ultimate players as much from the personal, collective as strategic point of view, while developing the spirit of the game.



Open (men)



  • Toro Tournament (Toronto), July 22th and 23th (approximate cost : $75)
  • Canadian Ultimate Championship (CUC), (Ottawa), August 13th and16th (approximate cost : $165)

*These fees don't include meals, transport and accomodation.

Other games

  • Saturday 8 July.
    Open, against Hydro in Trois-Rivières
    Women, against Wicked East in Montreal
  • Occasional Meetings on Thursdays.
    Out-of-competition meetings will be held on Thursday (schedule to be confirmed) against competitive junior and adult teams in Montreal.

This practice respects the Junior Policy, which you can consult by following this link


Download and view the season calendar


Players selection process:

  • Players who have participated in the elite program last year or this winter can register on the Titane team.
  • For new players interested in playing elite this summer, there is no try-outs for the team, selection is by invitation or recommendation from your coach. The elite coaches will introduce themselves during the practices of the development teams in early summer in June to select the players.
  • So every new player is invited to register and participate in the development program and order a Kerozen uniform. Young people with a strong commitment to improvements may be invited to participate in elite program training, tournaments or other events, but they will not be required to wear a Titanium uniform.


For any questions :

For any administrative question and to register: