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AUM Disciplinary Policy

The AUM requires that each of its members adheres to the code of conduct. Players who represent a danger to others or who are disrespectful to their opponents will be judged according to the disciplinary guidelines of the league.

Team captains have the responsibility for the communication of all instructions found in this policy to each of their players. Not knowing these rules is not an excuse for not applying them.


Code of conduct

All members of the AUM are responsible for their own actions on the field and during any official activities of the AUM.


In the role of ambassadors for the sport of ultimate, we expect that all players and all teams :

  • will treat other players with respect
  • will demonstrate appropriate behaviour on the field
  • will play safely, avoiding physical contact at all times
  • will follow the rules of the game
  • will behave in a manner that is in the best interest of the AUM.



There is a violation of the code of conduct when a player does not respect one of the expections mentioned above. These violations include, but are not limited to:

  • verbal abuse or intimidation of another player
  • physical violence
  • inappropriate behaviour
  • dangerous or reckless play
  • deliberate abuse of the rules (cheating)


Mentor Program

The AUM has instituted a mentoring program in order to assist and improve the entry of new players and teams into the league. The goal of the program is to promote the rules and fundamentals of ultimate and the Spirit of the Game, and to help new players and new teams to integrate.

It is expected that mentors will :

  • attend a minimum of five (5) games during the first ten (10) weeks of the season (NOTE : an organised practice can be considered as fulfilling one of the games required of the mentor)
  • help the team and the captain in a constructive manner
  • respect all members of the team, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

It is expected that the mentored team will :

  • respect their mentor, regardless of his or her age or sex
  • accept the experience, point of view, opinion and suggestions of their mentor
  • participate actively in scheduled practices, drills and games


It is important to highlight that the mentors are volunteers and that they are participating in the program because they are passionate about helping new players and teams.


Procedure for filing a complaint

Captains wishing to report an incident that occurred during a game can do so by completing an incident report when entering the score and Spirit of the Game report on the AUM website.

Players wishing to report an incident that occurred during a game should do so via their captain or co-captain in order to respect the established lines of communication.


Disciplinary Guidelines

Conflict of interest

If there is a conflict of interest, or there is the appearance of a conflict of interest for a member of a committee in charge of an incident, this member should abstain from participating and allow the other members of the committee to manage the file.


Possible disciplinary measures

The disciplinary measures that may be taken by the AUM against an individaul or a team include, but are not limited to :

  • no disciplinary action
  • official warning
  • loss of preregistration privileges
  • cashing of the individual or team performance bond cheque
  • modification of the win/loss of a team
  • suspension of an individual or team
  • expulsion from the AUM of an individual or team
  • any other sanction or procedure that allows the AUM to act to protect its own interest or those of its members.

Each of these measures may be applied depending on the severity of an isolated incident or a series of documented incidents.


Disciplinary Authority

Several groups within the AUM have the power to impose disciplinary measures. Higher levels of authority can also serve as an appeal in the case where an individual or a team contests the imposed sanctions.

The following is a list of sanctions that each group is authorised to impose on an individual or team. All disciplinary decisions require the support of a majority of the members of the committee.

All disciplinary authorities have the power to impose the sanction of cashing the individual or team performance bond cheque, as well as removing the privilege of preregistration.

Spirit of the Game committee

The Spirit committee is authorized to impose sanctions up to and including the suspension of an individual for up to five (5) weeks, or a team for up to three (3) weeks.

Disciplinary committee

The disciplinary committee is authorized to impose sanctions up to and including the suspension of an individual for up to seven (7) weeks, or a team for up to five (5) weeks.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected by the members, has the power to expel a member or a team. The expulsion of a team requires the support of a minimum of 75% of the members of the Board of Directors. The player or captain of the team has the right to be heard during a meeting of the Board of Directors before any vote is taken.



Suspension of an individual is imposed as a number of weeks, during which the suspended player may not play with any of the teams he or she is registered with.

The games taking place during a team suspension will not be counted as a red disk (forfeit).

Suspension can be applied toward a later season, the next time the suspended player is registered.



A suspended player who is caught playing during their suspension will be subject to very serious sanctions for defying the league and its’ disciplinary authorities.

The captains of a team on which a member is suspended will be advised of the suspension. A suspended player is suspended from playing with all teams for which they are a registered member. A captain who allows a suspended player to play may also be subject to severe individual and team sanctions.


Preregistration and the Performance Bond

In the interest of the members of the AUM and in an effort to ensure the smooth functioning of its’ leagues, the AUM introduced team and individual performance bonds. These bonds are conceived of as positive rather than punitive; the intention is to highlight the responsibility of all players and all teams who participate in the leagues and tournaments of the AUM.

Note on the Spirit of the Game

Each team that participates in a league of the AUM receives a score for their Spirit of the Game (given by their opponent) after each game. These scores will be tabulated in order to give an average spirit score for the season for each team. Within the AUM, Spirit of the Game is very important because it is what makes ultimate such a marvelous and enjoyable sport for all those who play it. The AUM therefore views it as a duty to promote and encourage teams to aim for the highest possible average Spirit score. It is in this light that the AUM will use the average spirit score of a team to determine which teams will have the privilege of preregistration the following year. The following scale is in effect :

  • teams with an average spirit score less than 6 will not benefit from the privilege of preregistration the following year
  • teams with an average spirit score between 6.0 et 6.9 will benefit from the privilege of preregistration the following year, but will have to increase their average spirit score because if they remain below 7 for a second year, they will lose their preregistration privileges for the following year
  • teams with an average spirit score between 7.0 and 10 will benefit from the privilege of preregistration and the AUM commends them!


This scale will also be applied, using the spirit scores of the preceding year, if one day the AUM must reduce the number of teams registered for a league. Should this be the case, the teams with the highest average spirit scores will have the privilege of preregistration.


Team Performance Bond (for the summer season)

The AUM requires that all teams joining a summer league submit a cheque for $100 in addition to their team fees. This $100 cheque represents the team performance bond : the cheque is held by the AUM, and NOT cashed, unless one of the following infractions occur :

  • a disciplinary authority imposes a sanction that requires the cashing of the team performance bond
  • the team accumulates two (2) red disks :
    • a team that does not show up for a game (or does not have enough players to play the game) without first giving a reasonable amount of notice to the opposing captain will receive a red disk
    • a team that registers for the season kick-off or end of season tournament but does not show up (or does not have enough players to play) without giving notice to the organizers will receive a red disk
    • a team that does not register the score of the game within 48 hours of the start of the game will receive a yellow disk. Two (2) yellow disks equals a red disk
    • a captain or team representative that misses the mandatory captains meeting will receive a red disk.
  • if a member of the team is expelled from the league
  • if a team or a member of the team demonstrates inappropriate behaviour that represents a serious offense against the sport of ultimate or the AUM
  • a team or one of its members fails to respect the policy on field usage
  • a game is not played on the scheduled field without a valid reason and without the prior agreement of the division coordinator


Any team that loses their performance bond also loses their privilege of preregistration for the following summer season. Furthermore, the team will not be readmitted to the league for the current summer, unless the team submits a second performance bond of $200. The second performance bond is subject to all of the conditions of the original performance bond with one exception : a third red disk will result in the immediate loss of the second team performance bond and the team will be expelled from the league.


NOTE : All complaints filed against a team or a player will be reviewed and evaluated by the Spirit of the Game committee, the Disciplinary committee or the Board of Directors. They will take into consideration the statements of representatives from the team, and if judged pertinent, of the player(s) involved, before a sanction will be applied.

Team performance bonds will ONLY be cashed if sanctions are applied against a team or an individual. The cheques will be destroyed or returned to the account holder, by request, at the end of the current season.


Individual performance bond

The request for a personal performance bond is one of the sanctions that may be applied by the disciplinary authorities.

This sanction consists of the remittance of a cheque for $50 made out to the AUM under the guise of a first individual performance bond in order to be permitted to rejoin the league. This cheque will be held, and will NOT be cashed, unless further sanctions are imposed against the player. If a second sanction is imposed on this player, he or she will lose their individual performance bond. In this case, a second performance bond cheque in the amount of $100 payable to the AUM will be required for the individual to rejoin play in the AUM. This second performance bond is subject to the same conditions as the first one. If further sanctions are imposed on this player, the disciplinary committee or the executive committee, with the support of the Board of Directors, will suspend the player and he or she will lose the second individual performance bond. The team that this player is a member of will also lose their performance bond. Individual performance bond cheques are kept for a period ofone year by the AUM, during which time the player is considered to be on probation. If, after this time has elapsed, no further sanctions requiring the cashing of the individual performance bond have been applied to this player, the cheque will be destroyed, or returned to the account holder, on request.


Final thoughts

Please note that the individual and team performance bonds were introduced in order to maximise the enjoyment of playing ultimate within the AUM.

Teams who do not show up for a game without notifying the opponent or the league are detrimental to the league, because they take from their opponents the ability to play a game that was scheduled. A lack of Spirit of the Game or violations of the Code of Conduct are not acceptable and spoil the game for all players. Inappropriate behaviour and a lack of respect for the field usage policy are not acceptable and could result in the loss of the right to use the fields for the entire league.

Sadly, actions committed by certain players can have a serious impact on the league. The AUM takes their responsibility to ensure the well being of its members very seriously, and developed the individual and team performance bond system as a result.



Notwithstanding these disciplinary guidelines, the AUM reserves the right to take all means at its disposal to promote and protect its interests and those of its members.