19 April, 2015 - 20:56
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Captain's Corner

All teams that participate in an AUM league must appoint a captain (or will have one appointed). 

What are the roles of the CAPTAIN? 

On this page, you will find several resources to help captains accomplish their tasks.  Don't hesitate to suggest additions or changes that you find relevant.  

Ultimate rules | Summer league | Captain tip


Clothing Partners | Accessories Partners | Education guidesExternal tournaments | Ultimate blogs | Links



 Summer League

Summer league Committee | Spirit Committee | Disciplinary Committee




Tool for Captains


When we had our captain meeting 2012, some players discuss about a website that simplify your line-up. Once you’ve set up the schedule and roster of your team, everything runs automatically!

  • game reminder emails are automatically sent to players
  • a “game status” email is automatically send to the captain before each game
  • everyone’s attendance is tracked, leaving you plenty of time to call up subs when needed.
  • you get a “game status” email a few days before each game, showing who will be there and who won’t — so you have plenty of time to contact subs
  • Everyone — you and your players — can view the entire team schedule or “dashboard”, including who’s going to be at what games.

If you want to learn more

Hope this is going to make your life easier!


 Clothing Partners


Accessories Partners


 Education guides

 Ultimate Blogs


VEUF: Video Explaining Ultimate Frisbee