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It starts with agony...











Agony is the third team in the MAD program (Mephisto-Agony-Demon) program, grouping motivated guys who are eager to learn more about ultimate and enhance their skills. 




MAD program - Open teams Tryouts 2013


Agony - Open letter to all male ultimate players

Agony 2012 is recruiting!


MAD program - Open teams Tryouts 2013


I hope you all had a really great off-season and that you are ready for the

upcoming summer.

2013 will surely be very exciting because there is a lot of new stuff coming up for the program.


Agony: Introduction to competitive ultimate, open to everyone
coach: André Jacques
Rage: New team focused on developing young talented players
coach: Cédric Aubut-Boucher
Demon: The road to elite level (Mephisto)
coaches: Étienne Fournier and Patrick Vigneault


MAD’s second phase of tryouts will be for Demon, Agony and Rage. It will take place on april 7 th
at Loyola’s campus from 3 to 6 p.m. The cost is 20$

The program’s first practice will be held the next week end, on april 14 th at the same place and
same time.

You can register for tryouts using the link below:


MAD 2013


An open letter to all male ultimate players


Agony is the third team in the MAD (Mephisto-Agony-Demon) program. This year, Agony has started out with a core group of motivated guys who are eager to learn more about ultimate and enhance their skills. Each of us comes to practice ready to learn and excited to get better as the season progresses. This is the main idea behind Agony. We are taught by players from Mephisto and Demon, use the same playbook, and run many of the same drills. The goal for us is to get better as a team, and compete at a high level.


Personally, I came to Montreal last August, and started playing ultimate in September. I wanted an opportunity to get better, and to learn from the best players. I also wanted to compete as a member of a team, and win at tournaments, all the while increasing my personal skills. Overall, I saw Agony as a starting point for playing competitively. This year I am on Agony, maybe next year its Demon, or Mephisto, who knows? That is what this program is all about, teaching players the skills they need to play at the highest levels.


Right now, Agony is still recruiting. The roster currently sits at 20 players, but we are always looking for more! We, the members of this team, are looking for guys who want to learn to play Ultimate at a competitive level. We want to spread competitive ultimate throughout Montreal, and we need your help.


If you are interested, email the team at captains.agony@gmail.com and come to practices Mondays at Jarry Park at 18h30 and Wednesdays at the Douglas at 18h30.


Micah Sussman

Agony 2012


Agony 2012 is recruiting!


This open competitive team is the latest addition to the Mephisto-Demon-Agony (MAD) program. Agony's mission is to initiate and develop future competitive players in Montreal. You are young, passionate about ultimate and interested in developing your skills, Agony is the place for you.


Starting early May, Agony will practice once or twice a week and will participate in four or five tournaments during the season. The Monday practices will be supervised by players and captains from Mephisto-Demon and part of the Wednesday practices will be in conjunction with Mephisto-Demon. Sharing our ultimate knowledge is a priority throughout the MAD program.


Agony is happy to announce the involvement of Simon Brazeau-Béliveau as captain. Simon is a physical education teacher and a certified (level 2) coach in basketball. He will be in charge of the team during tournaments and will contribute to the practices and the planning of the season. Welcome aboard Simon!!!


If you are interested in an introduction to competitive ultimate and realizing your full potential, contact us at captains.agony@gmail.com. We will be able to give you more details and to add you to our teams for the MUCC Spring league.