20 October, 2017 - 17:41
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Individual registration - Sainte Julie spring 2017

Registrations for ultimate activity in Sainte-Julie for all 6-11 / 12-17 / 18 +continue until Sunday April 2nd! Information


General informations


Sainte-Julie- Family*


Outdoor synthetic field

N.P Parc Lapierre



6:30 to 8 pm

 April 14
to June 9

(10 weeks)

$ 40

until March 5


$ 60
after March 6




* $ 55 for adults and $ 26 for juniors.


  • Registrations: 
    Pre-registration from Friday, February 17 to Sunday, March 5
    Regular registration from Monday 6 March to Sunday 26 March
    Registration extension from Monday March 27 to Sunday April 2nd
  • Functioning of the junior activity:
    Each session will begin with a warm-up and fun games, to continue with exercises and end with a game.
    A co-ordinator of the AUM will supervise the activity.
    All levels are welcome!
  • Functioning of adult activity:
    Each session will begin with a warm-up, to continue with exercises (defensive and offensive strategy) and end with a game.
    Two teams will be formed and will play against each other.
    Depending on the number of players present, the game format could be 5c5 or 6c6.
    The activity will be supervised by an AUM employee.
     All levels are welcome!
  • What to bring: Cleats. To avoid injury, choose cleavage shoes for synthetic (not natural) grounds. To separate the teams, bring a black sweater and a white sweater to each activity. Bring your water bottle!
  • Cancellation: The activity should only be canceled in the event of lightning storms. Unfortunately, the canceled activity can not be postponed.


For more information or to register, please contact Claudine at 514 303-4048 p.10


Complete this FORM by following the steps provided.