19 October, 2017 - 21:57
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Procedure following an injury during league play



The AUM asks that you report all incidents resulting in an injury when you enter the final score for the game.  This data will allow us to evaluate the quality of our fields, to develop educational programs that address dangerous plays, to direct injured players to the appropriate insurance resources, etc.


How to proceed when an injury occurs during one of your games:

1) For minor injuries (ie: minor ankle sprain where the player is able to return to play 2 days later)

Enter a comment in the box titled "Injury comment" on the results page, but do not click the box  "An injury occured during this game".  The comment will be recorded and compiled during the end of season analysis.  There will be no immediate follow up on the part of the AUM: these minor injuries will be used in statistical reporting, but no follow up will occur.

2) For injuries requiring assistance (ex: shoulder dislocation with transportation by car to the hospital)

Please click the box "An injury occured during the game".  Once the score has been recorded, you will be asked to complete a full incident report.  Please answer the questions honsetly.  We will receive the report by email and will take the time to read the report and undertake any required follow up. 



3) For all injuries requiring an insurance claim

Each member of the AUM is covered, via the Fédération québécoise d'ultimate, by medical insurance for injuries incurred during an activity offered by the AUM.  For further information on this subject, and to complete an incident report during the 15 days following the event, please refer to the FQU website at: http://fqu.ca/2012/03/assurances-accident/


For any questions regarding these procedures, please contact the Director of Operations for the AUM at c.marceau@montrealultimate.ca