17 October, 2017 - 11:48
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News from the FQU


FQU Brainstorm weekend (Jouvence)



Fall Jouvence 2016, theme: Competitive development


The FQU brainstorm weekend (Jouvence) took place on October 15-16th, 2016. Several associations from all over the province regrouped to discuss the future of the sport.

Topics revolved around competitive development in all aspects (CQU7, CQU5, CQU4 and CUC)



You would like to see Ultimate grow? You would like your kids to one day play ultimate at school? You would like Montreal to welcome a major ultimate event? We need you to get involved! There are plenty of oppurtunities to help. Contact the AUM or the FQU and we will make sure to put you in a position to shine or even to acquire new skills relevant to your carreer.




You don't have the time, but would still like to contribute?

It is possible for you to make a donation to the FQU, which will enable them to get a grant of 280 % of the original amount.

Imagine how a small donation could make a difference! It might put help some kids play ultimate or develop a competitive circuit other provinces will be jealous of. A few clicks is all you need.


To help ultimate grow by making a donation, click here.


You like stimulating conferences with inspiring 

people? Sign up for Ultimate Canada Conference in Saskatoon from November 11-13th 2016. For more information contact the AUM at info@montrealultimate.ca.




Thank you to the Fédération québécoise d’ultimate and Ultimate Canada  for organizing such events.





Iris vs. Brute Squad

On Saturday October 15th, the Montreal Royal organized a game between the best women's ultimate team in Québec (Iris) and the best women's ultimate team in the USA (Brute Squad). This event was to promote gender equity in high level sports. It was a real treat to see these high level athletes perform on the natural field at Claude-Robillard Sports complexe. Here are a few pictures. To see more, visit our Facebook album.