20 October, 2017 - 07:11
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Beach ultimate 12-17 years old

AUM offer a second registration for the second session for the junior division (12-17 years old) in the ultimate beach league sunday evening from 5 to 6 PM.  More


  • Registrations for the second session : From December 5 to January 11.
  • Second session dates : For Sunday January 15 to March 5 from 5 to 6 PM (8 weeks).

  • A mentor will be present every activity to coach the players and to assure the security. 
  • What to bring: To split teams, bring a black and a white t-shirt every week. Don't forget your bottle of water!
  • *Don't forget that the membership os mandatory to participate in an AUM activity. The 2016 adhesion will be enough for that activyty, even if it ends in march 2017. For new players, the 2017 membership fees will be mandatory.


To register, you must:


1) Create an AUM account to log in your account. To create an account, click here!

If you register several members of your family, each registrant must have its account, so you will need to create an account for each person. Important : same email address cannot be use for multiple account. Each account must have its own email address.


2) For the 18 years old and younger junior players, if you haven't done it already, print the junior acceptance risk form and bring it, signed, at your first training.


3) While logged into your account, complete the below registration form. The form must be completed for every person to register.


4) Make your payment. The payment link (Credit card) will pop-up on your screen at the completion of the registration form below.

You will have two options. If you have already paid your membership fees, choose the link without payment of membership fees.


5) We will contact you to confirm your spot and to explain the operating of the season the week before the beginning og the activities.

Registration form

*The payment link (Credit card) will pop-up on your screen at the completion of the registration form below*


For more information, contact Claudine / c.carbray@montrealultimate.ca / 514 303-4048